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by Glen Depke

Integrity…what an interesting word with multiple meanings and understandings. What is interesting to me is how vast this stretches throughout ALL aspects of our life. So what is my understanding of integrity, how does this fit into our lives and more importantly how do we maintain integrity? Another important understanding is once we are out of integrity, how do we shift back into integrity?

Last week I posted a question on Facebook asking everyone if they had their emergency integrity plan. Today you will learn what this plan is all about.

First of all, let’s separate integrity from morality. Morality definitely has an individual perception based on what you were taught, who you are, your belief systems and more. Integrity is your drive to maintain the choices you make in your life with consistency. These are two completely different subjects.

Often when working with my clients, we will find the key factor that will keep their life, health and happiness in check with consistency. I will use myself as an example here. I have made the commitment in my life to “be” unstoppable. It is up to me to hold my integrity to the “being” of unstoppable 24/7 for the rest of my life. This means that regardless of the situation that I am in, I will “be” unstoppable within this. This will cover any aspect of my life; business, personal health, relationships, financial health and the list goes on. So yes, holding my integrity means that I have made the commitment to “being” unstoppable 24/7.

I understand that it may sound scary to make a commitment to integrity 24/7 for the rest of your life. The first thought that often comes to mind is; how can I ever commit to something 24/7 for the rest of my life. Before you freak out and shut down to this thought, let me explain what this means to you in your life.

Maintaining your integrity means that you make the commitment to the “being” of your choice in every moment. If you recognize that you are out of integrity, the moment you have this awareness, you will put yourself back into integrity. Do you really think that in every moment I am unstoppable? I have made this commitment in my life but at times I will realize that I am being stopped. I may even realize that I have been stopped for hours or days. This does not matter though, because once I am aware that I am out of integrity, it is my job to get back into integrity.

Understand that life is ALWAYS trying to push us out of integrity and when we find ourselves in this space, there is no room for judgement. This is simply time to get back into integrity, which for me is to “be” unstoppable.

So what pushes us out of integrity and keeps us out? Typically this is the old stories that are running through our minds. The old situations of the past and the old stale suppressed emotions that attach to these situations. We all have these and for most of us, these old stories derail new commitments and integrity all the time. Heck, I teach this and live by this, yet I still find myself “being” stopped in my life. Remember though, being in integrity does not mean I will never “be” stopped, it just means that when I aware to this, it is my commitment to get back into the “being” of unstoppable.

So what is one to do when you are out of integrity and what is the emergency integrity kit?

Well first of all, it is important to make the choice of what it is you will “be” in your life. Let me give you a little clue. If you want to change your life in any way, your “being” will have to be something you have never “been” before. You cannot take an old way of “being” and think you will get something new out of it. We all know the definition of insanity; doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a new result.

Once you have chosen your “being” it is a good idea to share this with those that you are close to in your life. Ask them to bring it to your attention when you are out of integrity. It is so funny, because my clients are all over the country, I have people holding me accountable to the “being” of unstoppable all the time. If it is obvious that I am “being” stopped, someone will chime in on Facebook or email with a comment such as, “it doesn’t seem like you are unstoppable in this moment Glen.” You see, this does not mean that they are judging you or telling you that you are wrong. It is simply that they are bringing you an awareness that your are out of the integrity of your commitment. From this awareness you simply put yourself back into integrity.

That’s integrity!

So what to do when you are aware that you are out of integrity and you cannot seem to shift back into integrity. Here is my emergency list for you. Follow these steps and you will find yourself back in integrity.

  •     Straighten posture
    • Sit and/or stand up straight
    • Shoulders back
    • Chin tucked and head aligned
  •     Deep belly breathe (3-5 times)
  •     Jam to some fun music
  •     Let out a growl/yell
  •     Tap on the emotion and the situation
  •     Watch Bob Newhart’s “Stop It!” or a “like” clip
  •     Go for a walk with myself
  •     Yoga, Tai Chi or meditate if available
  •     Look at your thoughts objectively
  •     Communicate your thoughts in a healthy manner (saying what’s real)
  •     Email and/or call an accountability partner
  •     If you are still stuck in your old story at this point, call 949.642.2094 for an appointment with me to discuss this. I offer a FREE 20 minute phone consult to describe my services.

Going through this list you will typically find yourself out of your old story and back into integrity rather quickly. The key is to have the emergency plan in place. Copy and past this for yourself and keep a copy in your purse or wallet and when life has you out of integrity, use these steps to assist in getting back in integrity.

Remember, to get something new in your life, you need to do something different and in regard to the old stories and emotions, my question is always the same. How’s this working for you?

Feel free to post any comments or questions and I will address these personally.