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Do you have challenges with sleep, low sexual desire, midsection weight gain, PMS, menopause, infertility, digestive problems, endocrine impairment, poor immune function, low energy, poor muscular/skeletal health, poor mental clarity, inflammatory issues, poor detoxification and/or blood sugar concerns?

If you answered yes to any of these, then you may be suffering adrenal insufficiency.

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What amazing benefits these two glands just above our kidneys provide! When not functioning optimally, a number of challenges for the body can be created. Secondary challenges affected by adrenal insufficiency are as listed; thyroid, pancreas and ovary function, metabolism of fat and protein, regulation of body weight, mucosal tissue integrity, detoxification processes, immune system function, pro and anti-inflammatory states, cellular energy, glucose balance, bone and connective tissue turnover, muscular integrity, quality of sleep and mood, ability to memorize and learn and overall neural connectivity. Wow…I’m sure you can see the powerful importance of the adrenal glands! Our lifestyle choices present challenges for our adrenal system each and every day. Here’s an amazing fact. Out of the 3,500 plus adrenal kits I have reviewed in my career, I’m sad to report that only about 1% of these results returned with the results of a healthy and balanced adrenal system. This is a significant problem for so many!

Here at Depke Wellness we don’t treat the resulting symptoms of the problem – we go to the source. Please know this — your body has the innate ability to heal itself when allowed the opportunity and assistance to find optimal balance.

If you feel that any of these listed symptoms pose a problem for you, I encourage you to complete the complimentary assessment below and visit the links for the Fundamentals of Health, Energetic/Emotional Release as well as Gluten Intolerance. Following these basic recommendations will initiate your journey toward balancing your adrenals. To assess your adrenal function, visit the Depke Wellness Store and click on the Test Kits button.

Wellness for the World,

Glen Depke

Traditional Naturopath