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If you have already read the Fundamentals of Health link you already understand that the energetic/emotional body is the foundation of your fundamentals and is of utmost importance to balance for any health challenge or to ward off future potential challenges.Who isn’t under stress these days? Between our domestication of emotional suppression or extreme emotional expression coupled with the current economic state, I am not surprised to recognize that most of my clients have a significant energetic/emotional imbalance that has lead to their health challenges on some level. It would be pleasing to think that we all live a life of love, joy, happiness, abundance, confidence and forgiveness but the reality is that many of us instead live a life of fear, anger, sadness, irritation, lack and blame. Just looking at the previous sentence and visualize within yourself and honestly assess which of these emotions are more common for you on a daily basis. If you are on the side of most of our culture, which is the negatively perceived emotions, you are on a path for health challenges. This is due to the effect the suppressed or extremely expressed emotions have on our energetic body.

Let’s discuss the energetic body for a bit. Working with a wide variety of clients from throughout our world you can imagine the many variances of how this energetic body is expressed. Some will categorize this as vibrational, some as spiritual, while others will express that it is a combination of both. I have heard many names attached to the energetic body such as; chi, qi, prana, vital force, life force, God, Buddha, Allah, Jesus Christ, Mother Nature or the universe.

To me this is a very personal decision as to what you choose to categorize or call this energy but I simply need to express that no matter what you categorize or call this energy, it needs to be moving through and within you on a regular basis for you to be in your best of health.

The tie with the emotions is that the extremely expressed or suppressed negative emotions can lead to a block in your energetic body. This blocked energy leads to disharmony, which leads to dysfunction, which can then lead to a physically manifested dis-ease state. Recognize that dis-ease is simply a lack of proper movement within the energetic body.

I have and continue to use release techniques both personally and professionally and have seen remarkable shifts in individuals due to these tools. There are many techniques that can be used so it is important to find what resonates for you personally. I use tools called Energetic Release Technique “ERT” for myself and my clients while there are other techniques such as Dr. Mercola’s Meridian Tapping Technique and Gary Craig’s Emotional Freedom Technique. There is also TFT, EMDR, as well as many other techniques that can be used simply as the tools that have been provided for us to reach our health goals. Regardless of who you may be working with to achieve your health goals I cannot express enough the importance of addressing this commonly overlooked area while focusing on your journey to health and wellness.

For those challenged with stress or suppressed emotions, I would recommend committing to one appointment with the Depke Wellness ERT specialist to understand you your resonate with this work. This is definitely a hands on, take responsibility and create change focus for our clients!

Wellness for the World,
Glen Depke