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What blender do I use in my home to make smoothies, soups, healthy ice cream and so much more? A Vitamix of course! I have used a Vitamix for decades as I used to own the original stainless mixer version and now own and enjoy the Vitamix 5200 with both the standard and smaller mixer. This is the blender of choice for Depke Wellness to use for your smoothies, homemade soups, healthy ice cream and so much more.
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Enjoy our highest quality seafood and meat source recommendations below.

While most are familiar with the positive benefits of salmon as well as other seafood, you probably also understand the challenges with the quality of most seafood. Based on farming systems or toxicity in our waters most seafood can be more of a challenge than a benefit. This is not the case with Vital Choice since they are the only seafood company that specifically targets the purest available fish and confirms their purity with routine testing by an independent lab. While the price is of course a bit higher than conventionally purchased seafood, we feel that your health and wellness is worth this price.

Consuming meat is not the challenge many are lead to believe; it is actually the quality of conventionally raised meat that creates challenges for our health and well-being. To enjoy delivery right to your own front door of North America’s leading producer of antibiotic and hormone free healthy meats, organic meats, and organic jerky; please visit Blackwing Quality Meats.