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Cross reactive food intolerance is often one of the most significant missing pieces to your health and wellness puzzle.

Understand first that cross reaction food intolerance starts with gluten intolerance. This could be a genetic gluten intolerance or simply and intolerance to Americanized (hybridized and hydrolyzed) wheat. The challenge with this at the start is that 86% of the people that have a gluten intolerance are actually asymptomatic. Therefore, they are often living with this gluten intolerance for long periods of time before it is actually addressed.

If you have a gluten intolerance and this has been ignored for years, which as mentioned above is the case for most, this can lead to other cross reactive intolerances. This would be defined as intolerances to proteins that are similar in structure to those proteins found in gluten containing products. This includes but not limited to:

  • Dairy
  • Soy
  • Non-gluten grains
  • Corn
  • Rice
  • Potato
  • Sesame
  • Yeast
  • Milk chocolate
  • Coffee
  • Eggs

This gluten cross reactive food intolerance leads to significant issues when not addressed properly. This is likely to lead to:

  • Digestive issues
  • Brain challenges
  • Inflammation
  • Immune system challenges
  • Adrenal insufficiency

One top of this, all the challenges listed about lead to many more physical, mental, emotional and chemical issues in your body.

I can share that I understand this first hand. I am actually the cross reaction poster boy. My cross reactive test came back with 15 out of a possible 27 cross reactions. This is an invaluable recognition for my own personal health goals, as it could be for you.

With this said, it is of utmost importance to first understand if gluten is an issue for you. Click here to take a complimentary gluten intolerance assessment. If you find that you are likely or very likely gluten intolerant, removing gluten from your diet is of utmost importance. I would also recommend testing to check for any gluten cross reactive intolerance. For this test, you would have to call Depke Wellness directly.

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