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by Glen Depke


So what is my recommendation if someone tells you that they have the ONE single thing for you to address if you are suffering with Fibromyalgia?






I say this because it is NEVER one thing. You are typically looking at multiple imbalances functionally within the body that need to be addressed individually and as a whole.



I will share that from my years as in Dr. Mercola’s clinic, Fibromyalgia and CFS patients were unfortunately a regular occurrence for us. I say unfortunate due to the pain and suffering these patients would be in on a regular basis.



The positive that was pulled out of this though, is recognizing that time and time again, when you address these imbalances, the body has the ability to heal and walk away from this pain and suffering.



I know, if you are one of the many with Fibromyalgia, you may be thinking that you are already addressing this and do not find the relief you are looking for. The one very important factor to remember is to keep moving forward. As you eliminate one imbalance after another, you will eventually reach your goals. The only people that I have not seen reach this, is those that gave up before these goals were attained.



So what are some of the keys factors that I have seen as imbalances over the years? I will share this below and you can use this as a check list for your journey.



· Fundamentals of Health

· Emotional Suppression

· Adrenal Insufficiency

· Leaky Gut

· GI Pathogens

· Chemical Toxicity

· Gut/Brain Imbalance

· Heavy Metal Toxicity

· Gluten/Cross Reactive Sensitivity

· Autoimmune Reaction



Many of these areas listed will directly affect other factors within the body and often when you address the underlying factors the other imbalances take care of themselves. For instance, I typically recognize a poor functioning thyroid and an adrenal and liver imbalance. When these are addressed the thyroid function improves.



The main focus of this article is to bring awareness that it is NEVER just ONE thing. Look at yourself as a whole and you will find your health and balance!



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As always, if you have any comments or questions in regard to this article, please leave your post below.



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