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by Glen Depke

According to (Reuters) 04/07/11, about one in three people in the United States will encounter some kind of mistake during a hospital stay.

Yes, you heard that right, one in three!

These findings are based on new assessment tools used to measure hospital mistakes and is actually providing an estimation that is approximately 10 times higher than presently expected.

According to Susan Dentzer, editor in chief of Health Affairs, “Without doubt, we’ve seen improvements in health care over the past decade, and even pockets of excellence, but overall progress has been agonizingly slow.”


10 times worse than originally thought does not communicate agonizingly slow, it tells me we are worse of today then ever. Now I am not going to get into the whole blame game on this subject…not that there isn’t plenty to go around. I just want to bring this to the attention to our readers.

The medical errors assessed range from bed sores, to objects left in the body after surgery to life threatening staph infections, bu there’s more…

The research found that the top 10 types of errors accounted for more than two thirds of the total medical cost in regard to these mistakes. The top 3 of these 10 are bedsores, postoperative infections and persistent back pain after back surgery.

If you are going to the hospital for any procedure, you don’t want to be one of the 33.33% as a statistic. What is the best way to prevent from becoming this statistic. Obviously…stay out of the hospital!

There is a time and a place for conventional medical care but this is after your own personal focus on self care and if needed holistic care. If these avenues do not work, by all means, seek conventional assistance but only when necessary.

Let me be clear, I am not telling you to not go to the hospital if you have a problem; but by all means, do what you can to stay out. Your health may depend on it.

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