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by Glen Depke

It is interesting for most of us the we feel our anxiety, depression or lack of motivation is derived from situations in our lives. While I don’t want to take away the reality of your situations or the impact this has on your life, I will share that most of the anxiety, depression or lack of motivation is typically fueled by other life’s imbalances.

Let’s first look at the situations.

To be real, we ALL have situations. I do, you do and the person sitting next to you does. So why is it that one person will fall into depression, be completely stressed out or another may lose all levels of motivation to move forward in life? Is it really the situations?

The answer is typically a flat out, NO!

You nay be surprised at the underlying core challenges tied into your anxiety, depression or lack of motivation. The two main areas to look at are actually tied into your gut and your brain. I know, what can I be talking about?

Let’s look at it very simply.

We ALL have the natural inherited ability to find the highest level of happiness available within every situation but often this ability is severely hindered by other physical challenges in the body. Remember from previous articles that I mentioned the gut/brain connection? Understanding that what goes on in your gut is also going on in your brain. Often individuals will be living with significant yet often undiagnosed gut challenges due to consumption of intolerant foods, poor digestion and/or poor diet. When we have gut challenges, this will have direct impact on your brain function and your ability to cope with situations in your life. Easy things that you can do right now to address this is to assess your likelihood of a gluten intolerance but completing this complimentary questionnaire at the bottom of the page here. You could also add a quality probiotic and digestive enzyme to optimize your own digestion and begin gut repair.

The other area to recognize is tied into your own brain history. So often individuals have occurred some type of brain trauma in their younger years and are paying for this now with the inability to “deal” with situations in their life currently. I can remember when I was younger falling on my ten speed bicycle when I was cruising at full speed. Doing something stupid of course. Well, the trauma early in life led to long term brain inflammation that needed to be addressed properly. I feel that this was one of the underlying core components to a seizure disorder I had in the past and also why my situations where challenging for me in my younger years. Working through my own gut/brain issues and living a health nutritional life has allowed my to not only walk away from a seizure disorder, but this also allows me to deal with situations in my life with relative ease.

This too can be you!

Follow these steps to begin this change in your life.

  1. If you do not already, take a quality probiotic
  2. If you do not already, take a quality digestive enzyme
  3. Focus on your fundamentals of health
  4. Assess your likelihood of a gluten intolerance and avoid this ingredient is needed
  5. If you believe a past brain trauma may be hindering your ability to cope contact a qualified natural health care provider or contact me personally
  6. Understand that you have an ability to find the highest level of happiness in EVERY situation that you are involved in

These are the simple levels for you to begin your journey to empowerment, happiness and motivation. There are other levels to address as you continue this journey but it is important to simply start somewhere.

As always, if you have any comments or questions in regard to this article post this below for me to address personally. If you would like to learn more about the protocols used by Depke Wellnesss, feel free to register for a complimentary 20 minute phone consultation to address this by registering here. Your only commitment is time.