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by Glen Depke
How many times have you heard, “you can work hard now or you can work hard later?” This old saying can very easily be used in conjunction with your health. Look at our society, there are so many individuals that do not want to put any effort into their health now, only to suffer the consequences later. One of the problems is that so many have been fed the lies that you can simply damage your body without any worry because you will be able to use drugs or surgery to fix this later. Easy now and easy later mentality.
Good luck with that one!
We have actually been a 100 year experiment and let me share a secret with you.  
The experiment failed!
I want to share that it really is not that difficult to find and maintain optimal health when you start looking for it, before you are sick. That makes life so much easier. 
Many of the clients that come into my office start this journey after years of health challenges and I often think to myself, “I wish he/she would have come in years ago.” I understand that we have not been taught to be proactive with our health but it is time to do something different. Different is the key, since we are a culture of trying to find a different result by doing the same thing. 
You know the story…
I want you to understand, that if you have already waited to make some changes until after you have found your health challenged, it is not too late. I have had the pleasure of witnessing thousands of complete health turnarounds in my career and often with individuals that have been told by conventional doctors that they would not be able to overcome their health issues.
I am not one of those holistic practitioners that bashes the conventional medical system. Everything has a time and a place. I just find that for those with chronic illness, living a life of medications is not the answer. The answer lies in our own choice of taking charge of your health. Focusing on your fundamentals of health, addressing your mental/emotional stress, balancing your exhausted adrenal glands, dealing with your gut, immune and brain issues and ridding your body of the metabolic waste and toxins that poison you every day.
The current paradigm of drugs and surgery first, holistic health second and self care last is completely inverted. We should focus on self care first. If we stumble and find ourselves with challenges, seek out the assistance of someone in holistic care, such as a Naturopath (that would be me), Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Homeopath or Body Work Therapist. Now if this still does not work, you may need the assistance of conventional medicine.
Do you see how this fits though?
While this may sound like a lot of work, I can share that it is quite simple when taken in steps. This is a focus for me with all of my clients. Take it one step at a time, create success and take the next step. You simply continue to move forward until you have reached the level of health and happiness that you desire. You did not get sick in month and your are not going to completely turn your health around in a month either. Take your time, create success and always move forward.
I am never the one to tell you what level this may be (you’re desired health that is). This is your decision, it’s your life and you are the one that has to live in it.
Some of my clients never stop learning and growing and a in a constant state of flux to be the best they can be in every moment. Others are simply happy to have significant improvement and live out their lives on this level without putting forth any deeper understandings. Remember, it is all up to you.
What I am really trying to get through to you today is the understanding that if you put forth some effort now, it will actually be much easier later.
I believe the natural aging process is about living a healthy, vibrant life, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually until very close to the end of life. At this point, there is a very steep and dramatic decline and we die.
Lots of fun and excitement, living our greatness and leaving the world a better place when we left than when we came.
Sounds much more inviting than the “natural” aging process. You know, we vibrant in our twenties, gain weight in our thirties, begin to develop chronic challenges in our forties, diagnosed with significant challenges in our fifties and succumb to the knife and pill organizers for our meds in our sixties. There’s nothing “natural” about this.
It is simply watching “sick” people get old.
Now or later, it is truly up to you!
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