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by Glen Depke, Founder of Depke Wellness

Keto and Fat Breakdown

So hello out there to all of my keto pros and even my keto newbies. Now this is a tip that’s good for really both of you because as you probably already recognize that a consumption of fat is very important on the ketogenic diet. Now the problem with this for some people is if you don’t break down and emulsify your fat properly, it’s more than just a fat issue. All right, I’m going to give you a little visual of this. Let’s say that my left hand here is a collection of multiple different nutrients like different proteins and carbohydrates and fats and minerals and vitamins and such. And these are going through your small intestines for absorption. But if on this hand, if my right hand is fat that has not been emulsified properly, so it’s not properly broken down, the non-emulsified fat actually acts as a blanket over other nutrients going through your small intestines, which then in turn will not only be an issue with you breaking down your fat, but will be an issue with you in absorbing your other macro and micronutrients, which obviously is a big problem.

Enhance Fat Breakdown

Now there is one easy way to avoid this though, is to be taking a high quality comprehensive, both plant and animal based enzyme that will contain the necessary enzymes to help you properly break down and emulsify that fat. So all you have to do is simply take one of the Depke Wellness Prime Enzyme Support. With that full collection of enzymes to break down and help your body emulsify that fat to not only enjoy the benefits of the fat, but to enjoy the benefits of your other macro and micro nutrients. So, grab your Prime Enzyme Support today and have your success on the keto diet.

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