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Learn About Keto Coffee or Tea

Well, welcome to my kitchen this morning. Now whether you’re watching this in the morning, afternoon or evening, you’re going to learn here about Keto coffee.

Now Keto coffee first off, it doesn’t always have to be coffee. I do prefer that you find something of the highest quality organic, maybe even fair trade. I use different types of coffee and tea, but I’m always going for organic, fair trade if I can get it, but really getting the higher quality coffee is important.

Preferably I use a a half caff, half caffeine and half decaffeinated. I don’t really need the caffeine and it’s more about enjoying the coffee and the benefits of the Keto coffee itself. If I’m using tea, which I occasionally will, I use an organic Yerba Mate, dark roast because it’s got that darker flavor to it and that’s enjoyable as well.

So you start with either your coffee or tea and then it’s about the ingredients. Now the one thing that I do a little bit different than most is, I’ll put a quarter teaspoon of salt in here. A good quality Himalayan salt. It’s loaded with minerals and I’ll dump that into my coffee. Now occasionally I’ll have a little bit of a desire for something sweet and I might put maybe two quarter teaspoons of luo han fruit, which is another name for monk fruit that you’ll use. Which is fine when you’re actually doing the Keto coffee. But we really do that based on desire and taste.

Now on top of that, I always use a Doctor Mercola’s Pure Power Ketone Energy for the MCT oil. I use this specifically because there’s the caprylic 8 form of MCT. Most MCT orals are blends of 8, 10, and 12, those are three different types of the caprylic acids. But the caprylic 8 is the one that has the biggest ease of digestibility, ease getting into your liver, helping with the production of ketones, which are little fat droplets that provide energy in your body and also has another boost for brain power. So I love the Ketone Energy because of the caprylic 8.

And then I always use an organic and preferably grass fed butter. I’ll usually typically put in about a tablespoon or a little bit more of the butter, that’ll drop right into the mix.

So, what you’ve got here before blending, you’ve got your coffee or your tea. I’ve mentioned using organic, either tea or black tea or coffee. I’ve got the one quarter teaspoon of Himalayan salt. If desired, I’ve got maybe a quarter to a half teaspoon of luo han fruit or monk fruit. I put in a tablespoon of the Ketone Energy. Now this is an important thing because if you’ve never used something like a caprylic 8 MCT oil before, you want to start slower. You start with maybe half a teaspoon and work your way up to a tablespoon. Just because it could actually loosen your stool and even lead to diarrhea, just because you’re not used to it. It’s almost like getting too much of a good thing, too quickly. But this is just such a supercharger for fat burning, for brain acceleration and for really getting into liver, helping with the production of ketones.

And then once you get this all together, blend away. So I’ve got again the caprylic 8, I’ve got the butter, I’ve got the salt, I got a little bit of a luo han guo (if desired), and then I’m just going to add my coffee. And today I chose to make coffee rather than a dark roast tea. And I have a Vitamix. You can use any blender for this and all you do is you take about 10 to 30 seconds and just blend away.

And what’s important about the vigorous blending is it helps mix the MCT oil. It slightly changes the structure of MCT, so it mixes well with the coffee rather than having that little oil on the top of your coffee. And the other thing that it does, which makes this so tasty and yummy is, it kind of froths the butter. So what you end up with, is you just end up with this really great and highly energetic tasty treat.

And really what this does is it just gives you something that is a perfect way to start your day with something yummy. Something that’s going to allow you to maintain fat burning. It’s going to actually help increase your ketone production. Remember, ketones are little fat droplets that actually are produced in your liver. It can enhance your brain function. It just has so many positive impacts for you.

And this is the way I start virtually every day. And you could too.

So enjoy your Keto coffee or black tea starting today!

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