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Is This Keto Thing Just A Fad?

The big question is, is this Keto thing just a fad? You could start questioning because of all of the fad diets that you’ve looked at over the last 10 years. Think about this. We’ve seen the Atkins diet come and go. Macrobiotics. The Zone diet. The cabbage soup diet. The grapefruit diet. You’ve probably heard of the South Beach diet, or paleo, or the alkaline diet, or Mediterranean diet, or the raw food diet. The list just goes on and on and on. Really, is keto just the same thing, right?

In some of this, when you think of all of these diets that are fads, we think about it from the premise, like everybody should be doing the same thing. In my mind, that’s just not true. I can go back to what Hippocrates told us about 2,600 years ago is that one man’s food is another man’s poison. That’s just as true today.

You see, we shouldn’t all be doing the exact same thing from a dietary perspective, and we shouldn’t all be eating the same foods because we have different genetic backgrounds and we have a different DNA make up, we live in different, different climates, which give us different weather patterns, we have different health issues, we have different stress levels. There’s so much that goes into what we should eat. Is one diet what we’re really looking for?

Now, with keto, also, because I lecture on keto often for myself and my practice, and also as a national educator for Dr. Mercola, and when I’m doing these lectures for keto, I will ask people to raise their hands if they’ve been on or are currently on the keto diet. Then I’ll always ask the question, “Well, how many people have had some challenges with keto where you didn’t get the same results as everybody else? You haven’t lost that 40 pounds? You don’t have the boundless energy?” You know what? There’s a percentage of people that go on keto and just don’t have success. Is that a part of the proof that this is just really another fad? Because some people excel, and some people fail.

Keto Is For Real!

Well, here’s the thing now. Keto is really not a fad. Really, anybody who holds any weight as far as how good of a nutritionist they really are that has worked with individuals to help with weight loss or blood sugar regulation or helping to create a healthy anti-inflammatory effect, they’re always looking at helping to regulate blood sugar, to keep the carbs low to the point where it’s not creating this extensive raise in glucose and insulin. Outside of that, that’s been used for literally decades. It’s not that keto isn’t new, keto isn’t a fad, maybe the word ketosis or keto is something we haven’t used for generations. Yes, there is some deeper research on it now tied into keto, but it’s something we’ve used for generations.

Make Keto Right For YOU

You see, the individuality is the big part because you have to make keto right for you. That’s one of the problems because not everybody should be eating bacon and cream cheese all day on their keto diet because it has to be addressed for you. For you as an individual. For your genetic background. For your DNA make up. For the climate that you live in. For your stress levels. For your health challenges. It’s got to be customized and right for you. But, yes, absolutely keto works as long as it’s customized for you.

Beyond that, there could be some troubleshooting to address, but, really, at the beginning, the customization of keto is the key for you.

The History Of Keto

A little bit more about keto, as it goes back in history from a medical perspective, you see, keto or the keto diet itself was initially designed to help with children with epilepsy. It could also be used for adults, but it was designed for children. It goes back to the 1920s when it was used as a treatment for epilepsy. Due to this medical treatment is really usually only considered when medications weren’t working, and then they would move into this dietary aspect, which we now refer to as keto. You see, the ketogenic diet has been an established treatment option for children to control epilepsy. Adults would also benefit as well.

You can now see and understand that this goes back not just a few decades tied into helping people with regulating blood sugar and losing weight, this goes back nearly a hundred years to address epilepsy for children and adults.

How Does Keto Work?

Then the other question is how does this really work? You see, typically, your brain runs on about a hundred grams of glucose per day. When your liver isn’t able to pump out sufficient glucose for this requirement, it starts to produce these ketone bodies, which are basically little fat droplets that your body and your brain can use for energy. Once you start eating a little bit lower carbohydrate and actually eating a low to moderate protein source and a little bit higher amount of fat, your body starts to produce more of the ketones for energy, again, not only for your body, but also for your brain. This process to go from manufacturing zero ketones to about 70% of your energy coming from ketones generally takes about a three-week process to really get your body up to speed to really be producing enough ketones to really thoroughly enjoy the ketogenic diet and all of its benefits.

Just remember, when your body doesn’t have the carbohydrates to burn for fuel for your body and for your brain, over time you will begin to look for an alternate fuel source, and that’s where your body produces the ketones, what we refer to as the ketogenic diet.

To understand, ketosis produces ketone bodies, which are produced from a break down of fats in your liver. Those little fat drops that I was talking about. When your body calls on fat stores to supply energy, you lose weight. That’s one of the keys to this as well. Because your body is using your stored fat to actually help produce the ketones. Thus, the weight loss.

Now, also, when you limit your carbohydrate intake, and to be very candid, this is not a no carb diet because that’s not what I would consider healthy either, but when you limit your carbohydrate intake, your body needs to look for an alternate fuel source. Calling on the body to convert its supply of fat to glucose through the process of what we refer to as ketosis, as is what’s achieved on a ketogenic diet. This ketosis produces the ketone bodies, and they’re produced from a break down, again, from fats in the liver. When your body calls on the fat stores to supply energy, once again, your body loses weight. The key to making keto real for you is the customization.

DEPKETOSIS Customizes Your Keto Plan

That’s what we can do with DEPKETOSIS. We have an assessment to allow you to understand the customized keto plan that would be right for you. Regardless of which plan, and we refer to them as a slow, mixed, or fast keto, all three plans help you push into the ketosis and producing these ketone bodies help you burn fat for fuel. But I want you to think, what if you did keto and it’s completely customized and right for you? That’s what you’re going to achieve and that’s what you’re going to enjoy with the DepKetosis program.

What If You Do Not Customize Keto?

Maybe the big question is what if I don’t customize it? What if I just follow keto? Well then, honestly, it’s really just a crop shoot. You’re just hoping that you’re eating the right protein sources, the right carb sources, and the right fat sources to balance your body in the best way possible. Why would you just want to roll the dice and have that crop shoot when you could actually be so much more secure that this is customized for you?

I welcome you into the DEPKETOSIS program.

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