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by Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopath

Perhaps you’re thinking, “What’s most important about what?”

Health of course!

There are so many areas to address from a health perspective.

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Two weeks ago I talked about the important of your functional health. We discussed stress hormones, gut infections, SIBO, food sensitivity and toxicity.

After all, taking care of your physical and functional health is of utmost importance for you.

If you missed my recent article mentioned above, you can read this here now.

There is another area of health that is often overlooked and one of the most important factors in turning your health around, especially after years of suffering with symptoms.

This aspect of health is what I feel the most important communication that I need to have with my clients.

This most important factor is HOPE!

Why is hope so important?

This is simple.

Once you have been suffering with health symptoms for some time, it actually becomes an identity and a pattern for most people. At this point, most people have lost all hope.

And I get it…

You’ve likely exhausted everything conventional medicine can provide for you.

Perhaps you’ve even been to many different natural health practitioners and this has not worked for you as well.

This in not only frustrating, it can be push you into the hopelessness mentioned above.

And why is this so bad?

Because we do not heal and balance from a state of hopelessness.

It is essential to have some level of hope and confidence that you can move forward into. At some point your identity, values, beliefs, potential/learning and actions will need to change.

Thankfully, this can then help you move into a new physical representation of health.

Which is what you’re looking for in the end anyway.

This is why every practitioner at Depke Wellness spends so much time walking each client through the entire systematic approach in the Depke Process to Feel Young Again.

This way our clients can build a level of hope and confidence that is based on how your body (and mind) work that the comprehensive approach you can take for healing.

As mentioned, the Depke Process for Feeling Young Again!

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