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by Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopath

Most people want to share how much weight they lost to motivate you into a new diet, exercise regiment or similar.

I’m going take the opposite approach here by showing you how I gained 12.2 pounds in only 8 days to help motivate you nutritionally.

Typically, and for a number of decades, I have followed some version of what is now considered the keto diet.

Keto is not a new way of eating, this is simply a new name for what successful practitioners have been teaching for years and decades.

This is simply based on eating low to moderate amounts of protein, low carb and moderate or more fat.

As example, a salmon filet about the size of a deck of cards, a small mixed green salad with olive oil and a small sliced avocado.

This example above is a good expression of keto, understanding it is not a pound of bacon and a package of cream cheese.

How Did I Gain 12.2 Pounds in ONLY 8 Days?

Simple, I stopped eating keto.

My wife Dawn and I went on vacation with a big group of friends in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and we were in a private house with a chef to cook our meals for the week.

So when I am eating keto, I typically start my day with a keto appropriate coffee, eat a late breakfast or early lunch and an early dinner.

That’s all I typically need and I am very satisfied.

My meals are typically based on what I mentioned earlier, eating low to moderate amounts of protein, low carb and moderate or more fat.

As a treat, I may have a glass of red wine, a keto appropriate old fashioned or a little piece of dark chocolate.

Meals definitely changed with our chef in Mexico and I went with what was available to me.

Instead of my keto coffee and keto appropriate meals and an occasional treat, I still had the keto coffee, but also at least three meals daily and far more treats.

I was drinking piña coladas (loaded with pineapple juice), and definitely more than usual. At breakfast, I was eating potatoes, had a few glasses of fresh squeezed OJ and some refried beans. Lunch was typically some protein and fat along with corn chips or other carbs. Dinner usually included more carbs than normal, sweet desserts and typically lower in fat than I typically eat. Some days I had three meals and a snack.

Heck, sometimes I ate and I still felt full from the previous meal.

So what I did is not highly unusual that most in our culture. I still ate my normal gluten free and it wasn’t like I was purposely seeking out bad food choices.

I was simply eating more meals than usual, ate what was available, definitely a much higher amount of carbs through food and drink, higher protein and lower fat.

This was the perfect combination for me to gain 12.2 pounds in only 8 days.

Thankfully, I was confident that as soon as I got home and shifted my focus back on keto, the weight would simply fall off rather quickly.

Actually just 5 days after returning from vacation, 6.2 of the 12.2 pounds were already gone.

This is easy for two reasons.

1. I put my focus right back on what works, which is my Depketosis plan.

2. Because I have followed this way of eating for some time, my body is already metabolically flexible and I was able to quickly shift back into burning fat for fuel.

So you can see that what I ate on vacation is similar to what most people eat with some regularity.

No surprise that most in our culture struggle with weight gain.

Use my 12.2 pounds of weight gain over only 8 days as your motivation to shift into a simple keto appropriate meal plan. Regulate your blood sugar easily, lose weight, reduce inflammation, increase your energy, improve your metabolic flexibility and more with keto .

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