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If you are living with some type of disease state that you are either recognizing on your own or one that has already been diagnosed, you may not want to hear the answer to this.

More than likely, if you are ill, you have chosen this on some level at some point of your life.

Doesn’t that just burn with responsibility on some level?

I am sure that if you are reading this and battling cancer, autoimmune challenges, diabetes or any other disease state; you are thinking, “I did not choose this”. As an example, for someone with cancer, you did not sit down one day and think to yourself, I hope to develop cancer. Of course not and I do not want to be ridiculous to even think that. When you follow your life path in reverse, you can very often see the areas of choice that eventually led to the cancer. Maybe there were challenges with your GI that led to poor immune function and the poor immune function allowed the cancer cells to multiply out of control. Maybe you have been holding onto some deep resentment that created this vibrational challenge in your body. Perhaps you have had multiple other symptoms or signs in your life that you simply choose to ignore. Maybe you did not focus on the simple but necessary fundamentals of health such as deep breathing, staying hydrated, proper nutrition, good sleep habit, moving regularly, or getting outside in the sun. Maybe you are a workaholic and health was not a priority. Maybe you were taught to put everyone else first and there is never anything left for you. Maybe you have been suppressing your emotions throughout your life because you did not know what to do with them. Maybe you have been gluten intolerant your whole life but never stopped eating gluten products.

I am actually amazed on the actual numbers of individuals that actually know what to do to be healthy, yet they still do not make the choice. It is actually staggering. At least those that are ignorant of what is causing the challenges have an excuse (not a good one though) but to know and not change is such a challenge in itself.

I am blessed to be able to have helped thousands of clients through my years, find their balance and make the choice to walk away from illness. I want you to know that I am not writing this today to condemn anyone. I am writing this so you know that health is a choice. Make it a good one!

This is the beginning of a series on choice, to empower you with the information and the ability to choose health, wellness and happiness in your life. You know our motto her at Depke Wellness, Wellness for Yourself and Wellness for the World.

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