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By Lynda Buitrago, Holistic Health Thyroid Specialist Here at the Depke Wellness Center, we address multiple aspects of your well-being, beginning with your adrenal health and gut health. The first thirty days of working together on your adrenal health are critical. If your body doesn’t respond positively as we would expect, it’s usually (about 75% of the time) the result of an infection in your gut. Infection is a hidden factor in many health challenges Other conditions are also associated with infection. Challenges such as “brain fog” can result from infection in the gut or in the head, often in ears or sinuses. Also notable is that autoimmunity can be triggered by infection, food sensitivities, or both. Autoimmunity is at the root of conditions such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, eczema and inflammatory bowel disease. Sometimes conventional medicine will acknowledge this fact, but it often doesn’t change the course of treatment to address the autoimmune component of the disease. In all of these cases and more, it would be significantly helpful to aid your body in resolving the infections as well as addressing food sensitivity. One way to potentially identify infections in your body is through a modality called applied kinesiology, also known as muscle testing. How does muscle testing work? Muscle testing reads your body’s biofeedback system through identifying weakness in a muscle. It is based on the concept that muscle weakness can happen as a result of a variety of internal triggers. These include toxic exposures, injury, food sensitivities, and infections. the blank white banner with two black arrows            Muscle testing is non-invasive and painless. It can be practiced sitting, lying down, or standing. The practitioner will gently press on your outstretched arm as you try to resist the arm from being moved. If you can resist, it’s a good indication that your muscle is healthy and strong. If you can’t resist, this shows that you have an imbalance in a related part of your body. To find infections, the practitioner “localizes” the test to an area of weakness that shows up when touched. Then a “challenge” is applied to help identify which type of infection might be present. A challenge is a substance that either feeds or weakens specific types of pathogens; the challenge substance helps in identifying the infection. Wouldn’t I already know if I had an infection? Acute infections are strong and obvious. Examples of acute infection are a common cold or flu, food poisoning or an infected cut. These typically resolve themselves within a few days at most. Chronic infections can be a different story. These infections stay with you for weeks, months, or even years, often causing health issues that your doctor is unable to figure out. An example of this is joint pain. Your doctor may tell you it’s just old age, yet infections such as mycoplasma are often responsible. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is another condition that your doctor will tell you is lifelong. However, identifying food sensitivities and identifying and addressing infections is key to completely balancing your health. Thus providing you the best opportunity to escape your symptoms naturally. Recent Success Stories A recent client suffered from bumps on her scalp that kept coming back even though she had had 11 surgeries attempting to remove them. Muscle testing was performed and found a likelihood/probability of parasites and pathogens in her scalp. She then received frequency support in the office. When she returned the following Monday, she was so excited to share that the bumps were gone. She was beyond thrilled that she wouldn’t have to undergo yet another surgery! Her chest pain from infected surgical incisions almost completely disappeared after just one session. Her doctors has checked for infection a few times in the past and prescribed antibiotics. No wonder she continued to have pain: antibiotics are useless on the parasites and non-bacterial infections. The same client also had – for years – a polyp in her right nostril. After one session, she felt it drain during her drive home. Later that afternoon she noticed it was significantly smaller. Another recent client was experiencing cold, numb toes and sinus congestion. After finding parasites in his gut and doing frequency support for two sessions he reported that he feels “80% better.” One of our youngest clients was experiencing traumatic seizures with regularity. He made progress focusing on food sensitivity, supplement support, diet changes and a detoxification protocol and the frequency of the seizures dropped to once every 6 weeks or so. This was significant, yet he seemed to be at a plateau in his progress. About 4 months ago this client was recommended to muscle testing and frequency support. I am currently continuing to assist with him one to two times per week and I’m happy to report that as of this writing, he has gone 12 weeks without a seizure! This is not only a benefit to this young boy, yet the emotional gratification for the mother and family is immeasurable! Your results may happen seemingly overnight or they may gradually progress, but in many cases this technology helps people who have not made much progress elsewhere. *Note that this is not a diagnosis and treatment, rather a recognition of likelihood and/or probability with supporting your body’s natural healing process. Why should I get muscle tested?
  1. Muscle testing can help you understand infections that stool testing misses.
  2. Information from muscle testing can accelerate your progress! If we find one type of pathogen in your gut and address this, but we miss a different pathogen that’s living elsewhere in your body, this situation can lengthen the amount of time you need to recover. Muscle testing can easily identify these so that we can develop a complete strategy from the beginning.
  3. Knowing which areas of the body that have infection allows us to make more effective alternative recommendations for people who are so sensitive to supplements that they cannot take the herbal protocol.
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