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by Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopath Today I am going to unveil three factors that have a huge impact on your health. First of is stress, but I am not talking about only mental/emotional stress. I am referring to any form of stress to your body. This would include:
  • Of course mental/emotional stress
  • Inflammatory stress
  • Food sensitivity
  • Infections (typically gut infections)
  • The standard American diet or SAD diet (high in sugar and processed carbs)
  • Toxicity (environmental, chemical or heavy metals)
  • Injury
Most people are dealing with more than one of these stress challenges. Most of my clients are dealing with inflammation, food sensitivity and mental/emotional stress as a minimum but many are dealing with most, or all of these stress triggers. So why is stress the number one factor we are looking at here? The reason this is such a major factor is because stress will create a significant impact on your stress hormones, which in turn will wreak havoc on your adrenal gland function. But this is not just a stress hormone and adrenal issue, because your stress hormones will impact your whole body. Your stress hormones can be leading into the symptoms or challenges listed.
  • Fatigue
  • Body aches and pain
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Weight gain in your midsection
  • Low blood pressure
  • Lightheadedness
  • Loss of body hair
  • Poor mental clarity
  • Poor sleep patterns
  • Blood sugar instability
  • Inflammatory conditions
  • Poor immune function
  • Toxicity
  • Digestive challenges
  • Thyroid, pancreas or ovary dysfunction
  • and so much more…
The stress hormone can have direct affect on these areas of your body.
  • Thyroid (hypo or hyper thyroid)
  • Pancreas (type II diabetes)
  • Ovaries (PMS, menopause and infertility)
  • Mucosal lining (food sensitivity damage)
  • Metabolism of fat and protein (malabsorption)
  • Your ability to regulate body weight and fat (weight gain or unhealthy weight loss)
  • Every level of detoxification (detoxification and elimination)
  • Immune regulation (autoimmunity and over all immune function)
  • Pro/anti-inflammatory states (chronic inflammation and aches/pains)
  • Blood sugar balance (hypo or hyperglycemia)
  • Cellular energy (bodily energy at the core)
  • Bone turnover (osteopenia/osteoporosis)
  • Connective tissue turnover (chronic sprains/tendonitis)
  • Muscular integrity (muscle weakness and fatigue)
  • Quality of sleep (insomnia, waking through the night, poor energy upon waking)
  • Mood regulation (inability to regulate moods and deal with daily stress levels)
  • Mental clarity (inability to recall and remember)
  • Ability to learn (poor comprehension)
  • Neural connectivity (Alzheimer’s, dementia or other neural degenerative challenges)
I trust that you can see why the stress hormone response is the number two of my top three factors for your health. So if any form of stress is number one and the affect of stress hormones on your body is number two, what do you think is the third factor is? If you guessed helping your stress hormones, you are right on! Now there are many ways you can help your stress hormones and there are endless supplement choices for you, but I wanted to provide you the simplest and most cost effective way for you to support your stress hormones. I am going to get technical for just a moment but I will simplify this for you shortly. There are two pathways for hormones as shown below. I refer to this first pathway as a general health and balance pathway.
  1. Pregenonlone (your mother hormone)
  2. DHEA
  3. Androstenedione
  4. Testosterone (typically thought of as male hormones)
  5. Estrogens (typically thought of as female hormones)
Here is the other pathway. While this pathway does also tie into general health and balance, I refer to this as the “fight and flight” pathway or the stress pathway.
  1. Pregnenolone (your mother hormone)
  2. Progesterone (typically thought of as a female hormone)
  3. Cortisone (your primary stress response hormone)
  4. Cortisol (your body’s natural anti-inflammatory hormone)
Just to understand, both of these pathways are essential and all of these hormones are needed in your body, regardless of whether you are a man or a woman. So here’s the simple aspect of this hormone production. It all starts with one simple vitamin, which is vitamin B5. Vitamin B5 is converted into a co-enzyme referred to as Acetyl CoA. Your body then uses this co-enzyme and your own production of cholesterol as the two raw materials needed to produce the very first hormone in your adrenal glands, which is called pregnenolone. As you can see in the hormone pathways mentioned above, the pregnenolone is the mother hormone to both pathways, so regardless of the stress response, or general health and balance, you need pregnenolone. This is a must! This factor is the main reason why I recommend the Prime Adrenal Support to all of  our clients at Depke Wellness that are dealing with stress hormone issues, which honestly is almost 100% of our clients. After all, who isn’t majorly stressed out these days?! So in my mind, it is truly a “no brainer” for all of us to support our vitamin B5 intake with the Prime Adrenal Support. The good news here is that this is simple, easy and very inexpensive. The even better news is that when you are enjoying the health benefits of the Prime Adrenal Support, this is also guaranteed to be free of yeast, wheat, gluten, soy protein, milk/dairy, corn, sodium, sugar, starch, artificial coloring,  preservatives or flavoring. Just simple support for your stress hormones that we all need. This is why this is the third top factor for you health, and unfortunately, very few are talking about this.If you have any comments or questions regarding this article please post this on our Facebook page or on our Twitter page for us to address personally. Contact Depke Wellness directly here. “The products on this page have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”