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For years we’ve been told the KEY to unlocking fat loss was to control insulin. The premise was simple (or so we thought): Don’t eat ANY type of sugar (or carbs that can turn into sugar)… …unless you combine it with protein and fibrous veggies. Want a cup or two of white rice? Fine. Just combine it with free range chicken or wild caught fish. Want to eat a delicious ripe banana? Great. Include a side of cottage cheese or a serving of kefir along with it. Want a baked potato? Sure. Just pair it with a piece of grass-fed meat and some kale or spinach. For many of us, this simple food combo technique keeps insulin in check. Your body stays in “fat burning mode” and you lose a few pounds each week. However, for others, this just doesn’t seem to work! Why? Because there’s another hormone that needs to be HIGH when insulin is low. When this very specific hormonal combination occursyour metabolism accelerates… …And punches your fat-burning gas pedal to the max. This natural hormone is:
  • One your body can produce on its own…
  • One designed to gobble up extra body fat
  • One that turns your excess pounds into energy…
  • One that rejuvenates your brain, heart and other critical organs…
  • One that makes you look and feel like you’re 10 years younger
It was originally discovered in 1957… but has since been long forgotten. That’s a real head-scratcher because it could change the way you look at weight loss forever: ==> New Hormonal “Re-Discovery” to Unlock Your Fat Burning Potential BTW: It’s NOT thyroid, leptin, ghrelin, adiponectin, HGH, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone or any other “fat loss” hormone you may have heard of… Here’s how you can unleash its fat burning power. It’s real a game-changer. PS – Restoring this hormone to naturally healthy levels is crucial to tap into its powerful body-rejuvenating, fat-dissolving effects because: -> When you hit 30, it falls by 14%… -> When you hit 40, it tumbles by 25%… -> And by the time you hit your 60’s, it plummets by 56%… Perhaps more importantlylow levels of this hormone have been linked to:
  • 152% increased risk of death
  • 500% higher risk for heart failure...
  • 106% more likely to suffer a stroke
  • 116% greater risk for diabetes
Here’s the simple method to restore your levels of this hormone naturally…