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by Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopath

If you have never heard my story before, it is true, I used to be diagnosed as an epileptic which is a seizure disorder.

The key words are “used to.”

When I was 17 years old I had my first grand mal seizure. I would pass out, fall to the ground and flip around like a fish out of water. Scary for sure, and I am sure it was even more scary for those that witnessed this.

The first seizure was looked at as a potential once in a life time event, but that was not the case.

The next seizure that I had experienced made my doctor stand up and take notice.

Interestingly enough, I had every test know to conventional medicine and they could not find any reason at all as to why I had experienced these seizures. There was one test where I had to stare into a strobe light and this had the potential of being “borderline” but still, no answer.

The only answer was to take anticonvulsant drugs.

The even scarier thing is that I still had seizures, even on the medications that were supposed to stop this.

To be candid, I felt very afraid and angry as I felt completely out of control.

You may have felt this yourself at some point in your life for a variety of different reasons.

Then the shift happened in my life.

That shift was reading some research sharing that the anticonvulsant medication I was on could actually lead to neurodegenerative issues when taken long term.

I was like “WHAT?!”

I have a neurological issue and to overcome this I would potentially create neurodegenerative issues?

You can imagine that this news did not sit with me very well.

At that time I did not realize that this seizure disorder would be the best thing that ever happened in my life.

Hold on for a bit and I will tell you why.

Once I learned about the potential dangers of the medication I was on, it was time to do some future research.

What I found in my research is that the seizure disorder was potential caused by many factors in my life.

  • Mercury poisoning from years of living with silver amalgams (silver fillings for cavities)
  • Stress patterns that left me in a sympathetic nervous system dominance
  • Poor diet overall
  • Food sensitivity
  • Stress hormone issues (adrenal function)
  • Challenges with my gut
  • Gut/brain/immune dysfunction
  • Poor fundamentals of health
  • Not enough sleep
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Magnesium deficiency

This began my journey to focus on my own health. I addressed all the areas above with the best effort I could based on my research and focus. I also reached out to some natural health practitioners.

  • I saw a biological dentist to remove my silver fillings
  • I had my first of many chiropractic visits
  • I sought out assistance in from Dr. Mercola’s office to help with mercury detoxification
  • I worked with a Cranial Sacral Therapist to normalize my nervous system
  • I focused on energetic/emotional release with experts on this level
  • I reviewed my hormone levels, food sensitivities and gut pathogens

I was determined to get off the medication and also live a life that was seizure free.

As time passed, I felt as if I did everything possible to balance my body and the next step was to get off the medications. I originally went back to the doctor that prescribed the medications for assistance in cutting back and eventually stopping these, but he was not interested in helping me with this.

He was reluctant because of the liability. He described that if he recommended that I stopped the medication and I have seizure while driving a car, as example, and I would actually hurt somebody else because of this accident, he would be liable.

I “get that” and respected his predicament.

Here I was though, did everything I needed to do to get off the medication, but no direction.

I kind of felt lost for a bit at that time.

You might think of a time in your life where you felt a bit lost too.

Thankfully I was eventually able to work with some of my trained professionals above to help me with reducing the medications, eventually even creating a homeopathic of the medication and eventually discontinue it’s use completely.

The good news was, and still is, that I live a life that is seizure free, would no longer be considered an epileptic and I have been off the anticonvulsants for over 20 years.

And sincerely, I am not worried about having another seizure for as long as I live.

I say this confidently because I have addressed all the underlying triggers that led to the seizures and continue to live that healthy lifestyle.

I no longer have to feel afraid or angry because I feel out of control!

Once I was able to go through this process for myself and change my life on every level, this fed my passion to help others in this way.

After all, if I could address the underlying triggers in this way and escape a supposedly life long problem that I was always going to be medicated for (so I was told), I would love help others in this way.

This fueled my passion to go back to school to get a BS in Natural Health and a Doctorate in Traditional Naturopathy, so I can assist people in getting to their triggers of also.

Now I get to live the dream!

Every day at Depke Wellness I get to talk to people about health, which I love, and I enjoy viewing consistent change in people on a regular basis.

It is so rewarding to witness clients overcome their health issues; whether this is with seizures, gut issues, hormone imbalance, inflammatory conditions and the list goes on.

So this is why I say that one of the best things that has ever happened in my life, was developing that seizure disorder.

This led me down a path to change my personal health and life and also fueled the fire to change careers and live my passion in every moment of every day.

What can be better than helping others!

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