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Congratulations everyone for making it to the half way point of the More Than Just Weight Loss program! It is all down hill from here.

To review, we have all been focusing on reducing inflammation and supporting the immune function through the entire program, improved brain function in week one and weeks two and three we also address the gut. While we will of course continue with the inflammatory and immune support, we will not be moving into the phase I and II liver detoxification phase. 

Here are your supplemental recommendations for week four.
Hepato-Synergy – 1 packet twice daily
Days 1 thru 4
1 serving daily before breakfast
Days 5 thru 7
1 serving before breakfast and dinner

You can also add the following food choices into your plan:
Green teas
Fresh fruits
Beans (navy, white, red kidney, etc.)
Peas (fresh, split, snap)
Low to moderate amounts of meat, fowl and seafood per your Nutritional ID
Flaxseed oil in moderation