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by Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopath As a follower of Depke Wellness, you likely have a gift that many do not have. That gift is knowledge! I would be willing to bet that right now you have a friend or loved one that is floundering in regard to their health. They are continually searching for answers to no avail or they may simply have little understanding of natural health practices. Regardless of the reason why, they are still living with significant health issues and do not have answers. Well you do, and this goes right back into the knowledge I mentioned above. The main factor I am talking about here is adrenal function. I am shocked at the amount of clients that come into my practice on a daily basis that still do not have a clue about adrenal function. Many have been attempting to overcome health issues for long durations of time, yet they have made little if any progress. These people often come in frustrated and some even feeling hopeless. These are the friends and loved ones I am talking about. You can help! Let me first explain why and how. The why is tied directly into adrenal function. Understand that conventional medicine does not even recognize adrenal insufficiency as a viable health issue, so they’re never going to provide attention here. Even from a holistic perspective there are many practitioners that recognize and test for adrenal insufficiency but the methods of treatment may be questionable but in fairness, this is often not their expertise. At Depke Wellness we have seen thousands of clients that have never heard about adrenal function and another group that are aware but have not followed protocols to truly balance the deeper levels of adrenal insufficiency. So what happens to these people? As mentioned above, they often feel frustrated and hopeless. Another why is tied directly into the holistic affect adrenal function has on your body. Adrenal function affects this entire list below.
  • Thyroid function
  • Pancreas function
  • Ovary function
  • Mucosa surface integrity (your first layer of immune defenses)
  • Metabolism of protein and fat
  • Ability to regulate body weight and fat
  • Every level of detoxification in your body (especially phase I and II liver detoxification)
  • Immune system regulation
  • Pro and anti-inflammatory states
  • Cellular energy (energy at the core)
  • Blood sugar balance
  • Bone and connective tissue turn over
  • Muscular integrity
  • Quality of sleep and mood
  • Ability to memorize and learn
  • Neural connectivity (brain and nervous system as the master regulator of everything)
So really, how many people in your life do you know that are challenged with at least one if not many of the areas below, yet they do not have a single focus or understanding in the world of adrenal function? This is what I mean by “save a friend!” Here’s the how. Simply reach out to your friend or family member and mention that you follow one of the leading experts in adrenal function in the world and you feel that this may be the missing link for them. Don’t “push” this on them, simply provide an awareness and recommend that they take our FREE online Adrenal Stress Profile Questionnaire. This will likely provide the space of being inquisitive and they’ll want to learn more. From there they can take the questionnaire that will provide them with an awareness within their own personal level of adrenal function. This information is often so empowering for people to move forward in overcoming their own pain and suffering of health challenges. How can you do this? It may be as simple as a short email with the link to this article attached and you providing a note to your friend or family member mentioning that you are providing this article to read because you love and care about them. Or you can simply drop them a brief note and provide the link to the adrenal stress profile questionnaire, which is listed below. If you are one of the friends or family members that are reading this article after it was forwarded to you, please understand that who send this to you truly loves and cares about you and they also potentially stepped out of their own personal comfort zone to share this with you. Understand that often people do not share because they do not want to feel as if they are telling you what to do. Well, your friend over came this obstacle and here you are. Please be sure to reach out and thank the friend or loved one that sent this to you. There is one last important note to make. Because of this “save a friend” campaign, every person that takes the adrenal stress profile questionnaire will be offered a FREE 20 minute phone consultation with one of the Depke Wellness experts to enjoy a comprehensive understanding of adrenal function and how this may be affecting their personal health. This is offered to everyone for a limited time only, so reach out today and “save a friend!” Thank you in advance for sharing this invaluable information!