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By Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopath

My first issue with breast cancer is tied into what I hear it all the time…

  • Breast cancer awareness
  • Mammography
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation
  • Mastectomy

Maybe by reading this above, you get why I do not like the current focus on breast cancer.

As a culture, we do not need a larger focus on breast cancer awareness and any of the other invasive interventions.

What you need as a woman, is a deeper understanding of the causes of breast cancer, non-invasive testing options and natural protocols to assist your body in overcoming this health challenge.

The second issue is that the focus in not typically in prevention or healthy ways to support your body if you have breast cancer.

You may have been told it is genetic?

Heck, you likely heard of a popular actress that had a double mastectomy because she had the “breast cancer gene.” Did you know that carrying this so called breast cancer gene does not mean you will get breast cancer?

Understand that when you have a gene for any particular issue, the gene has to be expressed based on epigenetics. This could be tied into:

  • Stress levels
  • Suppression of emotions
  • Diet
  • Inflammation
  • Environment
  • Toxicity levels
  • Health challenges
  • Poor sleep
  • Lack of exercise
  • Xenoestrogens
  • Aging

So when you have a gene that increases your risk for breast cancer, that gene needs to be turned on by the epigenetic factors. And thankfully, anything turned on, can also be turned off.

So when you think of the causes of breast cancer, think of the epigenetic factors.

  • Do you need to find healthier ways of perceiving and/or reacting to stress in you life?
  • Are you holding on to past emotional suppression from trauma in your life?
  • Are you eating the SAD diet? That is the standard American diet, high in sugar, processed foods, caffeine and/or alcohol?
  • Are you eating foods that inflame you?
  • Do you live in a toxic environment and living with heavy loads of toxicity?
  • Do you already have known health challenges, such as, but not limited to; adrenal fatigue, digestive issues, aging brain, infection, thyroid hormones imbalance, blood sugar issues, etc.?
  • Do you get less that eight hours of sleep nightly, go to bed past 10pm consistently, usually have broken sleep or wake up still feeling tired?
  • Have you been exposed to xenostrogens through past microwave use with plastic, chemicals in skin care products and cleaning products and exposure to plastics overall?
  • Do you feel that you are sedentary?
  • Are you aging (not gracefully)?

These are all factors that lead to the development of breast cancer, regardless of a gene or not.

There are also deeper more clinical issues such as adrenal insufficiency, brain degeneration, chronic inflammatory conditions, chronic infections, estrogen dominance, apoptosis that has been “turned off” and more…

The goods news is that you can address all these levels to prevent breast cancer and you can address all these levels to also assist your body in overcoming breast cancer if this is either your concern or diagnosis.

The third issue I have tied into breast cancer is the current methods of assessment, which are self-examination and mammography. While I love that you may do self breast examination, and I recommend this, by the time you would recognize a lump, you could be late in the game and I know you would like this information as early as possible.

What woman wouldn’t!

And while I do not feel it is my place to tell anyone to not get a mammogram, I do share that there are some documented risks involved. Ladies, you are compressing some of the most sensitive tissue in your body and then hitting it with radiation.

Enough said…

Testing is definitely recommended though and there are non-invasive testing methods to consider, such as Thermography and SureTouch.

What is SureTouch You May Ask?

SureTouch is an FDA cleared breakthrough technology. SureTouch is a safe, accurate breast examination that enables all areas of the breast to be examined while offering immediate digitized results for you and your doctor.
Clinical Breast Exams (CBE) are performed by a health professional to feel for lumps and look for changes in the size, shape, or texture of your breasts. SureTouch works in much the same way. As the clinician gently moves the SureTouch hand-held sensor across the breast and underarm area, you’ll see ultra-sensitive, multi-dimensional color images instantly appear on a screen in real-time, allowing you and your clinician to view the size, sharp, hardness and location of suspicious masses immediately.
There’s no waiting time for results.
In addition, unlike a mammogram, a SureTouch exam doesn’t painfully pull or flatten your breast, and the upper outer quadrant, where the majority of breast cancers occur, can be examined easily and without any discomfort.SureTouch is accurate. Because SureTouch is more sensitive than human touch alone, you can have complete confidence in your results. It can detect masses as small as 5mm – much smaller than the 10mm masses detectable by clinicians during clinical breast exams. The SureTouch examination is not hindered by breast density as are mammography and MRI. Therefore, it is ideal for screening women with dense breast tissue, particularly women under the age of 40.
This new technological advancement is a safe and effective way to increase the accuracy of routine clinical breast exams for the detection of breast cancer and create clear consistent and objective documentation of your results.
There is no harmful radiation, so you have one less thing to worry about.

What About Thermography?

Thermal Imaging (Thermography) is a safe, body scanning procedure that has been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Assoc.) AMA (American Medical Assoc.) and AHA (American Heart Assoc.). 

Thermal body scans provide valuable information about your current health. The DITI (digital infrared thermal imaging) camera scans the thermal patterns of your skin and converts them into an image.
Your body was designed symmetrically, so by comparing and measuring the thermal patterns, we can identify signs of potential disease, especially pain and inflammation. This test can provide multiple clues to the health conditions within your body. It can detect early on, the precursors to many types of cancers, years before the cancer reaches a stage that becomes more serious to treat.
Thermal Imaging (Thermography) is especially beneficial for breast health, because it can identify abnormalities 8-10 years sooner than invasive mammograms. The good new is, Thermography is SAFE! No radiation, No contact, No compression, No pain! This test should be the very first clinical breast exam a young woman has in her life, as early as 18 years old.
Here at Depke Wellness we offer both Thermography and SureTouch twice yearly with our next available Breast Cancer Prevention Testing day on Saturday 10/14/17.
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