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by Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopath

This is not ONLY for those diagnosed with Diabetes. This will also lay the groundwork for you to prevent this diagnosis.

So you’ve been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes and told you have to eat better, exercise and take your medication?

I hear this all the time from my clients.

So really, is this what you should do it you are diabetic?

Let me ask you this first, how many people follow this change in lifestyle, yet still living with blood sugar issues and all the challenges that go along with this.

Funny but as I am writing this I can hear a television commercial for a diabetes medication.

I caught at the end that the use of this drug could cause the symptoms and challenges below.

  • Dehydration
  • Yeast infection
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Low blood sugar
  • Kidney problems

Does this sound like the answer?

I think not!

Diabetes Lies

  1. It’s OK to only look at glucose.
    This is the fist and most common lie. Looking at only glucose is like waiting to run your car into a tree to know that your brakes aren’t working.Understand that your body produces insulin to remove glucose from your blood when glucose is too high. So if you have a elevated glucose production, this could go on for years as your body continues to make more and more insulin to lower glucose.I would recommend looking at both glucose and insulin, making sure that your fasting glucose is always below 95 and your insulin is always below 5.
  2. Your A1C blood test is all about glucose.
    While this does have a reflection on glucose, you’re likely not getting the whole story about A1C. Did you know that A1C is also and excellent assessment of inflammation.So what does inflammation have to do with glucose? When you have long term chronic inflammation, this will lead to an increase in fat cell production, which leads to insulin resistance, which leads to insulin surges, which unfortunately leads to more inflammation.And round and round you go in the elevated glucose hamster wheel.
  3. Medication will regulate your diabetic condition.
    Really, so the reason you have diabetes is because you have a lack of a diabetic medication? It does not even make sense to say this.True Type II Diabetes always has underlying conditions that have caused this for you. And any choice that you’ve made in the past that has led to this, can be changed by you.Common underlying conditions include poor diet, food sensitivity lack of exercise, chronic inflammation, adrenal fatigue, neurodegeneration, infections and/or emotional stress.Not addressing these areas and only taking medication still leaves you in the diabetic dark.
  4. Type II Diabetes is your correct diagnosis.
    Your diagnosis is not addressing the correct issues for most. As mentioned above, there are other underlying conditions that are going on for you. Perhaps infection, adrenal fatigue, food sensitivity, inflammation, neurodegeneration or possibly even an autoimmune condition.When you have a proper understanding of your combination of underlying conditions, this will often be the pathway for overcoming your glucose issue.
  5. If you cannot control your diabetes with diet and exercise, you will always have to be on medication.
    Another lie and you can tell by what we discussed in the subjects above that there is plenty that you can address outside of diet and exercise.You can overcome diabetes and at the Depke Wellness Center, we see this with regularity.

If you regularly eat sugar, flour products, drink sugar based drinks (this includes fruit juice) and/or have a lot of mental/emotional stress, diabetes is likely in your future.

Make New Choices Now

If you make new choices now, you can either prevent or reverse your diabetic condition. The choice is yours!

  • Make water your drink of choice
  • Follow and anti-inflammatory diet. Get Your Anti-Inflammatory Recipe Book Here.
  • Eliminate flour products as much as possible
  • Do regular deep breathing to reduce and/or eliminate stress. LEARN HOW HERE.
  • If diabetes or a prediabetic condition are mentioned by your conventional doctor, work in integration with a natural health practitioner to address your underlying conditions
  • Address your Fundamentals of Health

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