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by Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopath Awesome, yesterday was the first official day of summer! So exciting, right? While this is exciting for many, there are so many people agonizing over this and perhaps this is be you. After all, there are likely some concerns for you right now.
  • Your 2016 diet plans have not worked out so well so far and the thought of putting on your bikini or shorts and bare chested for men is frightening for you.
  • While the summer sounds like fun and celebration with all the parties, festivals and gatherings; if you are exhausted, this isn’t really that much fun.
  • If you have kids and they are now out of school, this may have thrown a wrench in your scheduling leading to some stress and frustration?
  • Perhaps you recognize that while you will have so many gathers, functions and parties to go to, you unfortunately cannot cut back on your work schedule.
This can be exhausting! Well thankfully, it’s not to late to create some change for yourself. This is the whole focus our my latest book “Fat, Fatigued and Frustrated?” In this book, I address the underlying core factors for why you are challenged in these areas, and more importantly, how to address this properly. Most importantly, in a simple, effective manner. For a limited time, we are offering my latest book at a significant discount for you. How about a 100% discount?! You can purchase your copy of “Fat, Fatigued and Frustrated?” on Amazon for $19.99 or you can get this right here for FREE with paying ONLY $7.00 for shipping and handling. See what others are saying, here are some recent testimonials on Amazon for your review.

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Following the instructions in this book are simple yet very effective for reaching your goals. After all, everyone wants to enjoy a lean, energetic body and add more joy and ease in their lives! For your benefit, we address the simple, yet most often forgotten fundamentals of health which are important for any level of focus you may already have on your health. This is for the natural health newbie as well as the seasoned veterans. For the ladies, it’s time to create that bikini body you are looking for! Guys, I know how embarrassing in can be to take off your shirt to have the tummy roll over the sides of your shorts. I’ve been there myself in the past. Not fun! But equally as important is the ability to increase your energy. After all the lean summer body with chronic fatigue doesn’t really help that much, does it? Another simple fact, if you feel better about your body and energy, it is true that you will also feel some additional joy and ease in your life. Maybe a lot more joy and ease! This is a real win, win, win in your life!!! And the other big win, is the fact that you get your paper back of “Fat, Fatigued and Frustrated?” for ONLY the $7.00 cost of shipping and handling.

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I want you to understand something deeper with this book. This is a to the point, easy read for you with action steps that you can start taking on day one. I also get into some other deeper challenges with stress hormones and how this affects weight gain, constant fatigue and long standing frustration or even hopelessness. So don’t agonize of your current summer body or levels of fatigue that you live with on a daily basis. Take this simple step and point your health arrow in a positive direction to make lasting change in your life. I have personally assisted thousands of clients through the years in reaching their weight, energy and emotional goals with this tips, and this will help you too! If you have any comments or questions regarding this article please post this on our Facebook page or on our Twitter page for us to address personally. Contact Depke Wellness directly here.