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by Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopath

I am going to cut to the chase right away today. Weight loss really has nothing to do with weight loss.

I know, you’re thinking “Glen, are you crazy?”

Crazy, maybe, but just being realistic here.

Maybe we can say it’s just about weight loss if you are undergoing liposuction or your “freezing your fat” but seriously, weight loss just happens.

You’re thinking right now “why doesn’t it just happen to me Glen?

Let me explain…

Your body knows the perfect weight to achieve to be at your best based on the environment your create for your body.

Even though they play a role, this environment is not just about diet and exercise. After all, if it was, you most likely already know what to do and you would have lost the weight already.

The simple reality is that if you’re reading this article you likely need to lose weight and you have simply not created the environment for this to “just happen” for you.

I have seen this countless times with thousands of clients through the years an even for myself. While I have never been obese, there are definitely times were I do not create the optimal environment and guess what, I GAIN WEIGHT TOO.

The secret though, is that by creating the right environment, you can make weight loss easy, and it can “just happen” for you too!

As I write this article I am on a business vacation and typically when I am on vacation, I am a bit more laxed than usual with some of my typical health choices. I am usually not as tight with my diet, typically to not sleep as long and will often drink more alcohol than usual. And this does not include the exposure to infections that are likely when you travel on an airplane.

All of this affects the environment, and while I do not have a scale with me, I know that I have already gained weight, just a few days on my trip.


Because I have altered my environment.

And not in such a good way in this moment.

No big deal though. As soon as I shift to a more positive environment, the weight lose will happen.

I will not have to focus on weight loss, I will not have to worry about it, obsess about it, etc…

I will just happen!

And this can happen for you too!!!

What is the environment I am talking about?

Here is your list of the essential key secrets of your environment that will be important for you to address.

  • Your mindset
  • Your stress hormone system
  • Your digestive system
  • Your inflammation
  • Your food choices
  • Your movement

There are also some potential deeper health issues as well such as infections, toxicity, brain degeneration and more, but the key environmental secrets are those in bullet points above.

So you want weight loss to happen

Of course you do, or as mentioned above, you would not be reading this article.

I am leading a 6-week program to teach you how to address these environmental areas mentioned above to create the improved environment for yourself personally.

After all, I know you want weight loss to happen.

This is a 100% exclusive lifestyle program and if you follow this as it’s laid out and you do not lose weight (and inches) I will give you your money back.

So it’s a win/win situation for YOU!

Either you help balance your environment and weight loss happens, or it’s FREE!

Pretty cool, right?

So what are you waiting for, click on this link now for more information and purchase while there is still room and while the price is significantly discounted. (The price can change at any time)

You have nothing to lose…

Except for weight of course.

The other great news!!!

It Is Less Than $100…

See you in the program!