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by Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopath

There are many signs and signals that you body will provide you in regard to your health.

A few weeks ago I shared what those little red raised dots on your body or scalp means. Remember, they were called cherry angiomas.

If you missed that article, read this here.

Today I want to share another significant sign for you.

Does your tongue look like this?

Young man sticking out his tongue







What I am referring to in this picture is the crack down the middle that the arrow is point at. Some people can have a crack that looks exactly like this or there could also be multiple smaller cracks through that mid section of your tongue.

The crack can be very deep, moderate as shown or it can resemble what you would refer to as more of a crease than an actually crack.

The difference between the deep crack, moderate crack or crease is the most likely difference between a long term chronic issue, a moderately chronic condition or a developing chronic condition.

What is it telling you?

Based on generations of Traditional Chinese medicine this mid section of your tongue ties into your stomach and small intestines. So when you can witness this sign on your tongue, there is most likely some level of a chronic digestive disorder that you are currently challenged with.

This could be tied into any combination of these underlying conditions below.

  • Gluten sensitivity
  • Gluten associated cross reactive sensitivity
  • Long term chronic stress
  • Gut infections
  • Neuro-degeneration
  • Chronic inflammation

If you are living with this chronic digestive issue and dealing with any number of these underlying conditions, it would be recommended to assess what is causing this for you.

Based on thousands of clients over the past 17 years, I can share that most people that are living with this tongue sign, are dealing with a much deeper digestive issue than they would have imagined.

I routinely see clients that have a combination of gluten and cross reactive sensitivities as well as gut infections. These would then lead to chronic inflammation and brain issues, due to the gut/brain connection.

Learn more about the gut/brain connection by clicking this link.

There are two test kits that I would suggest based on this tongue sign.

Two Essential Test Kits

First is the #401H stool collection test kit from a company called BioHealth. This will help you understand the underlying pathogens that can be leading to this tongue sign and chronic digestive challenges. This will assess the potential pathogens such as parasites, protozoa, detrimental bacteria, yeast, Candida, H-Pylori and so much more.

This test takes the priority because a lack of proper breakdown of protein actually leads to food sensitivity. When you are living with these different gut pathogens, poor protein breakdown is the norm. When protein is not broken down effectively, this will lead to an immune response that you will recognize as a food sensitivity.

Note that not all pathogens are parasites. I often see people the think they have a parasite that will self-diagnose this and take a parasite cleanse for 2-4 weeks.

There are two problems with this.

Number one is that you are guessing that you have a parasite. If you are taking a parasite cleanse yet your real issue is yeast, Candida, detrimental bacteria or a H-Pylori infection, the parasite cleanse is not typically appropriate for those infections. So basically, you could be taking the wrong protocol for what ails your gut.

Thus the importance of testing. This way you know you are addressing the real issue here.

The second problem is that most people do not stay on these gut protocols long enough. If you have a crease or crack in the middle of your tongue, it is suspected that you have had this problem for some time. It is long term and chronic.

When I am assisting our clients with gut pathogens, they are typically following these recommendations for three months, not 2-4 weeks.

The next test kit that I find to be essential is an Array #4  – Gluten Associated Cross Reactive Sensitivity Test from Cyrex Labs. This is a blood test that will review both an IgG and IgA immune response to provide your answers. Also, since this test is centered around the gluten cross reactive foods, I feel that this is getting to the core of your food sensitivity issues.

This test along with the stool collection kit, provide you with that one/two punch to understand why that crease or crack is going down the middle of your tongue.

Learn more about testing here.

And generally speaking, most people with this crack that I have seen over the years are dealing with both gut infections/pathogens and food sensitivity.

This could be you…

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