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If you’d rather read my article rather than watch the video, catch this below.

Read this article by Dr. Mercola and learn more about this challenge with E. coli.

You’re wondering if E. coli could be an issue for you?

Here is the test kit I would recommend for you.

It’s An Epidemic

by Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopath

So I really want to ask some questions today.

  • Have you ever experienced maybe burning during urination?
  • Have you ever noticed that you have these frequent urges to urinate?
  • Maybe lower abdominal aches and pains?
  • Do you occasionally see blood in your urine?
  • Or do you recognize that your urine actually has a foul odor to it or can occasionally be cloudy?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these, it’s likely that you are or have experienced a UTI, urinary tract infection.

What’s Causing UTI’s

Now, what’s important about that is not just the urinary tract infection. What I really want to get to that’s a little bit deeper today is what’s really causing this for most people? And the most common, underlying cause of UTIs is actually E. coli. E. coli is basically a bacteria that does play a role in a normal, healthy digestive system.

But what I can tell you that what I’ve recognized from really an epidemic proportion with my clients nowadays, is the E. coli infections, where we have an abundant overgrowth of E. coli, occurs on a regular basis. And actually 80% to 90% of all UTIs are due to E. Coli and there’s actually a 52% rise in hospitalizations from UTIs from 1998 to 2011.

So in that 13-year period a 52% rise in hospitalization due to UTIs.

And very often, one of the biggest causes is going to tie into either exposure through contaminated chicken or believe it or not, from a very common place to get E. coli and bacterial infections which is actually from eating out at places where they have a salad bar or sometimes even salads eating out. It’s interesting with the chicken, the studies have shown there’s a really close genetic matche between drug-resistant E. coli collected from human beings as those that are found in poultry.

So, I wanted to bring this to your attention because as I said, E. coli in abundant overgrowth is really almost an epidemic proportion right now based on what I’m seeing in my practice. And the contaminated chicken, the salad bars are some of the deeper causes and I want you to understand, it’s not just about UTIs. It’s the gut infections. It’s the fact that the E. coli is usually ingested based on something you eat so it’s creating infections in your gut which could potentially affect your colon and/or your small intestine, sometimes even leading to something like SIBO.

And they can easily migrate into the kidneys and lead to either UTIs, urinary tract infections or kidney infections or bladder infections.

More Info and Testing

So, I’m also going to post a very interesting article from Dr. Mercola on UTIs and E. Coli so please, click on that and read that as well.

And I’m going to give you a little bit of information below also regarding to, what I feel is the optimal test to understand if you personally, have an E. coli or even more specifically and abundant overgrowth of E. coli that you’re living with today.

I thank you. Have a great day.

Read this article by Dr. Mercola and learn more about this challenge with E. coli.

You’re wondering if E. coli could be an issue for you?

Here is the test kit I would recommend for you.

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