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by Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopath

Age can be considered linear or metabolic.

Your linear age is something you celebrate (or not) every year with your birthday. Every year passes and you add another year.

I know you “get” that.

But your metabolic age is something completely different.

Your metabolic age is tied into the overall health and balance of your body. You could actually be the linear age of 53, yet have the metabolic age of a 25 year old.

Cool, right!

We actually have a scale at our wellness center that uses electrical impulses to measure some vitals within your body to represent a metabolic age. I have seen some in their 50’s have metabolic age in their 20’s and some clients in their 40’s that have a metabolic age in their 90’s.

So how do you lower your metabolic age?

More importantly, what is the single biggest factor that you can address to lower your metabolic age and create that anti-aging affect?

That is in Renewing Your Aging Brain

Yes, your brain…

This will be a two part article with part II coming next week, so this week we will focus on the recognition of brain degeneration for you right now.

You definitely want to understand the likelihood of brain degeneration before it’s too late.

I say this because it really hits home for me.

My grandmother died with severe dementia, my mother died with severe dementia and my older brother passed with ALS.

All brain degenerative issues, and more importantly, these all could have been prevented if caught early enough.

Unfortunately, they were not.

Where’s Your Brain Health?

Earliest Signs of an Aging Brain

  • Fatigue that is created by brain activity, such as driving, reading a book or other brain tasks
  • Depression because the lack of health brain firing leads to depression
  • Poor digestive function because 90% of your brain output goes directly to your digestive system

Moderate Signs of an Aging Brain

  • Inability to focus or concentrate
  • Difficulty learning new tasks
  • Chronic constipation (one bowel movement per day or less)
  • Opportunistic intestinal pathogens/infections (any type of gut symptom)
  • Digestive enzyme insufficiency (bloating, undigested food, cravings for sugar/caffeine)
  • High blood pressure
  • Increased resting heart rate
  • Higher susceptibility to stress
  • Poor blood flow leading to cold hands or feet, toe nail fungus, hair falling out, white toe nails, erectile dysfunction

Significant Signs of an Aging Brain

  • Inability to work professionally
  • Inability to appreciate life
  • Inability to perceive neurological loss
  • Early signs of neurological disease such as tremors and/or difficulty with directions

Severe Signs of an Aging Brain

  • Neurodegenerative disease such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, ALS, etc.
  • Uncontrolled bladder tone
  • Bowel obstruction or inability to digest food
  • Inability to taste and/or smell food
  • Inability to develop social relationships
  • Dependency on family or other support for daily function

So where do you find the function of your aging brain?

Obviously it is best to prevent any level of degeneration of your brain but the reality of this as seen with 1000’s of clients over the past 16 years is that most do not address brain function until there is some level of neurodegeneration that you are already dealing with.

And you do not want to wait until it is too late.

That was the challenge that my grandmother, mother and brother found themselves in. Sad to say that they found out too late in the game to make the changes needed to turn this around and in the end, it not only cost them their lives, it also led down a path of great challenges and suffering toward the end of their lives. Not only for themselves, also for their family and other loved ones.

So catch this while you are still in mild to moderate signs of an aging brain and most importantly…

Do something about it!

Always remember, the number one way to create an anti-ageing response and to successfully lower your metabolic age is to improve the health and function of your brain.

Read part II of this article here now.

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