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A special thank you to Dr. Chi for allowing me to share this informative article on those red raised bumps that you may see on the trunk of your body as well as other areas.

Please enjoy this educational article.

Feel Young Again,

Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopath

Pay Attention to Cherry Angiomas

You might wonder…what are cherry angiomas? These are flat, red or cherry-colored dots that appear on the skin. Cherry angiomas are an early sign of estrogen dominance. So if you see them, especially in the chest area, don’t ignore them!You may find cherry angiomas on the abdomen or chest area. Their presence is even more significant if you currently have or have a history of breast lumps or dense breasts (for women) or prostate issues (for men). Dr. Chi has hundreds of female patients who have cherry angiomas on their chests. Their common problem: breast cancer. And male patients with cherry angiomas on their torso typically have prostate issues. As you may know, both of these conditions are related to estrogen dominance. Case 1: Female patient with cherry angiomas has fibrocystic breasts and endometriosis A 56-year-old female patient has many cherry angiomas on her breast as well as her lower abdomen. She relates that she has had chronic fibrocystic breasts (dense breasts) and calcification since age 20. Every 6 months she would have a procedure to reduce her dense breast. At age 47, she had a double mastectomy. She also has endometriosis.Case 2: Female patient with cherry angiomas and other markers has breast lump and cyst in the liver, colon and pancreasA 62-year-old female has cherry angiomas and spider veins on the breast (Figure 1), black lines on the nails and a cyst on the frenula. Spider veins can signify a liver issue, black lines on the nails can indicate bleeding and a frenula cyst indicates a colon problem. She recounts that she had a breast lump that was removed. More recently, cysts were found in her liver, colon and pancreas.

Case 3: Male patient with cherry angiomas has prostate cancer

A 73-year-old male patient has many cherry angiomas on his torso. Indeed, he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. His PSA was 3.9 and increased to 4.5. He is now on Myomin and Angiostop.

So if you have cherry angiomas, most likely you have an estrogen-responsive condition, like in the cases above. Look also for red dots on the tongue. These are also strong markers of estrogen dominance. You can check your estradiol (the most potent form of estrogen) level for confirmation.

If you already have breast issues (e.g., dense breasts) or prostate issues (e.g., enlarged prostate), you need to address that immediately. Don’t wait for these problems to develop into cancer before taking action. Myomin, for example, is highly recommended to naturally reduce estrogen in both men and women. Angiostop, a special sea cucumber extract, can help diminish cancer risk.

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Oncologist says to “observe”
In one case of a 62-year-old female patient, tests found a liver lesion, gallbladder polyp, pancreatic lesion and a nodule in her right breast. The oncologist told her everything is fine and sent her on her way. Incidentally, she does have cherry angiomas on her breast, a sign that she is estrogen dominant. Even without a blood test, the fact that she has a breast nodule is a good indication that she is likely estrogen dominant. Even though the oncologist says that everything is “fine,” there is a good chance that these growths may progress into something more serious if she does not do anything at all. So she is now taking Myomin and Angiostop.Taking action early is important. In her case, she did not want to wait until the oncologist says that she has cancer before she starts any kind of therapy. With cancer, time is of the essence because it can proliferate and spread quickly. If you wait until cancer is diagnosed, it might be too late by then to do anything.Just like in the case of an 84-year-old female. At age 82, she had a huge growth in her breast (Figure 2) and was diagnosed with breast cancer. But because she was so frail, the doctors couldn’t perform any surgery to remove the cancer.

Another case in point…a 33-year-old female relates that, at age 29, a 3cm in diameter tumor was found in her left breast. Within 3 months, it grew to 3.3cm. She had surgery to remove it. Four years later, it recurred in the same location. At the same time, another tumor grew in her right breast.

These and many other case reports illustrate the importance of cherry angiomas as a warning sign of estrogen dominant conditions, especially in women. When you see it, don’t wait. You can start taking Myomin and Angiostop to keep the problem from getting worse.

We all have cancer cells but don’t wait for cancer diagnosis
Remember, as we have mentioned in past newsletters, all of us have cancer cells. Studies show that
  • 40% women between 40 and 50 years old have microscopic breast tumors
  • 50% of men between 50 and 60 years old have microscopic prostate tumors
  • 100% of people over 70 years old have microscopic thyroid tumors

Most of the time, these microscopic tumors remain benign and do not become a problem. But when factors like low immunity, angiogenesis and/or estrogen dominance come into play, these tumors may grow and develop into cancer.

Don’t wait for a cancer diagnosis…at the first sign of abnormality, take action. So if you see cherry angiomas, these should alert you already of possible estrogen dominance and estrogen-related growths. You can confirm your estrogen level through a blood test. And you can also take Myomin to help balance your estrogen. Women who also have dense breasts or breast tumors and men with an enlarged prostate can also take Angiostop as a supplement.banner green

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Special Note From Glen Depke

When I recognize cherry angiomas in my new client consultation, I always recommend a saliva hormone test to help confirm if you are living with estrogen dominance or if this is more likely a liver congestion issue. Once recognized, we can make the necessary recommendations to allow your body to find it’s hormonal balance or relieve the congestion in your liver.

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