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More Than Just Weight Loss

by Glen Depke, Depke Wellness All right, so here you are. We're nearing 2022. You've recently gone past Halloween, Thanksgiving and now Christmas and the holiday season. I know what the number one New Year's resolution is, which is to lose weight, right? Think about it, with what you've gone through, it's highly unlikely that you've stayed lean and mean through the holiday season, right? Now, here's the problem though. Think of what you're told on a regular basis out on the internet, oh, just drink my super green drink, or just take this supplement, or if you only do this exercise or if you only follow this meal plan. You know what? You know how many people that typically works for on a regular basis every year? Almost 0%, because it seems to be likely that most people, when they have a New Year's resolution to lose weight, they will have that resolution again the next year. You see, because people aren't taking care of the underlying functional and metabolic issues which lead to weight gain, because you can't take care of that with a specific exercise regimen, you can't take care of that only with a specific diet, you can't take care of that with a particular supplement or a super green. You've got to get to the bottom of what's really driving this metabolic and functional imbalance for you. That's what More Than Just Weight Loss will do for you. Getting down to the core, the triggers for what leads to your weight gain on a regular basis. On top of that, this is not just about weight loss, because when you get to these underlying factors, you not only allow your body to reach its balance to lean and healthy weight, you're also going to have a positive impact on potentially any discomfort you may feel on a regular basis. You would have a positive impact, potentially, on your sleep, on your mood, on your energy levels and so much more. I know at this point you're thinking, "What is More Than Just Weight Loss?" Well, to learn more about this and how you can make 2022 the year that you not only finally reach your weight loss goals but reach them long term and live the rest of your life in a metabolic and functional balance. Click on the link on this page to learn more about More Than Just Weight Loss and how this can help you make 2022 the best year that you've ever had.

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