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by Glen Depke

So why is it that one individual responds so well to holistic health practices while another individual either does not respond at all or their benefits are short lived?

I often hear individuals share comments such as, “my acupuncture treatments don’t hold like they used to” or “I cannot hold a chiropractic adjustment” and the list goes on. I have even had clients of mine share that a certain aspect of the Depke Wellness protocols may not by working as expected or perhaps not in the way they once have.

Many times when it appears that Holistic Health practices are not working, this is tied into many of the simple aspects of life. Here at Depke Wellness we call them the Fundamentals of Health. It is important to recognize that in order for the practices of Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Acupuncturist as well as many other Holistic Health practitioners to be fully expressed, you have to take care of the simple things first.

So ask yourself these simple questions.

  • Do I deep belly breathe often throughout my day?
  • Do I drink approximately one quart of water for every 50 pounds of body weight every day?
  • Do I regularly take digestive aids such as probiotics and digestive enzymes?
  • Do I eliminate gluten or other intolerant foods if I find them to be a challenge for me?
  • Do I eat right for my Nutritional ID?
  • Do I sleep 8 hours per night and wake up refreshed upon sunrise?
  • Do I regularly move my body throughout the day?
  • Do I have 2 or more healthy bowel movements per day?
  • Do I maintain a healthy spine?
  • Do I expose a healthy amount of sun to my skin and eyes daily?
  • Do I have regular stress relieving practices daily?

These are the questions that you should be answering yes to with consistency. While I do not expect everyone to be perfect at all times, by all means I am not either, you do need to have a significant focus on these fundamentals. If you do not, you could be playing a major role in limiting the success of Holistic Health protocols.

So number one is for you to take responsibility for all the fundamentals above.

The second factor is to restrict self destructive practices, such as over consuming sugar, alcohol or any foods that you know create challenges for you. I have seen many individuals in the past that complain about the lack of progress with Holistic Health practices, yet they continue to over consume some of these challenging foods. Another destructive practice that is often ignored would include mental/emotional patterns that are self destructive. Living in a constant state of stress will hinder the progress of any Holistic Health practice.

The third and last factor I will address today is tied into adrenal health. Almost 100% of the clients I see have an adrenal issue and if this is not addressed, your success will be significantly limited when using Holistic Health practices.

So take this information, empower yourself and get the most out of any and every Holistic Health practice that you choose. You are worth it!