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by Glen Depke

Client after client enters my office or talk to me on the phone with one consistent directive in mind. While many would think this is optimal health or maybe happiness, there is one factor that is so important at the beginning of the health journey that needs attention prior to anything else.
That one important factor that everyone is looking for is hope!
If hope can be communicated in our initial contact and that hope is coming from a space of authenticity and integrity, this is the beginning of the their journey to optimal health and happiness. I purposely mention hope that is authentic and from integrity because it is only about delivering hope where hope is available. This is not about delivering a rah rah speech to excite a client with false hope. This is truly all about delivering facts about their current health challenges, the underlying factors tied into these states and providing the expected response upon addressing these factors.
When individuals have all the facts and can see a plan laid out for them in a step by step process, there is a certain level of belief and understanding upon which they can attach their hope.
Very often when clients have been through the convention medical ringer, they have had all their hope removed. Often medicine does not offer solutions to health challenges based on the understanding that medicinal (pharmaceutical) intervention itself often cannot address the underlying health issues and can only hope to manage symptoms at best.
Here are some responses that doctors have shared with my clients over the years.
  • There is nothing you can do nutritionally that can create any change with a seizure disorder
  • There is no way to reverse and autoimmune condition
  • Silver fillings do not create health challenges
  • There is no way to eliminate Fibromyalgia symptoms
  • Adrenal function is not real problem
  • Gluten is just a fad diet
  • It is fine to only have a few bowel movements per week
  • Once a diabetic, always a diabetic
  • Most of your health challenges are genetic and you are a victim to these health challenges
  • Your heart burn is due to too much stomach acid
  • Lifestyle choices will not make much if any difference with your health

This list can go on and on, which in itself shows the lack of hope that is often communicated within conventional medicine. I can share first hand that all of these comments above are simply not true the highest percentage of the time.

If you address the underlying factors tied into your health challenges, the body has an incredible inherited ability to balance and heal itself.

I had three clients today with significant health concerns with a complete lack of hope. For all three of them, it was actually quite easy to explain how the challenges began, why they progressed, how they progressed and most importantly, how they can get their bodies back into balance. Now from a conventional perspective, none of these clients had a way out. This is often true when you only look at your challenges from a symptom/pharmaceutical perspective.

I had a medical doctor explain something to me years ago.

We were having a discussion about a particular symptom challenge and discussing the difference from a natural and pharmaceutical perspective. When it came down to the end of the discussion, this doctor mentioned to me, “Glen, what we do is called medicine, what we are trained in is medicine and what patients come to us for is medicine; if they want to be healthy, they come to see you.”

This has stuck with me for years and likely years to come.

Let’s end with the fact that when you give your body what is needs and get out of the way, your own natural inherited healing abilities can create miracles with your health and happiness!

Let’s do it!

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