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by Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopath

While I am not going to ever recommend drinking alcohol, we have to be real, people drink alcohol. In all honesty, I enjoy a cocktail myself every now and then.

The challenge is often the type of alcohol that we drink or the ingredients that are used in cocktails. Personally, I have food sensitivities to gluten, corn, sorghum and yeast. So basically this eliminates beer, gluten free beer yeast and most cocktails from and alcoholic beverage choice. Beer is eliminated due to the gluten content, gluten free beer is eliminated because it is typically made with sorghum, wine is out because of the possibility of yeast in secondary fermentation and most premixed cocktails due to the use of high fructose corn syrup. So with this said, you can see that my alcohol choices are limited.

With that said, I wanted to share of a product that I found recently that was enjoyable that actually fit into my alcohol restrictions. This product is the Vite Frute Cocktails but Veev. I have tried two different flavors, lemonade and cosmopolitan. These use agave nectar rather than high fructose corn syrup, organic ingredients and Acai liqueur. Looking at the bottle of the lemonade cocktail you can actually see residue of the whole fruit that is used to make this product, which is a site to enjoy.

Let’s take this a step further here and talk about taste and enjoyment. As mentioned, I have tried the lemonade and cosmopolitan and they are both enjoyable. They taste crisp, clean and a hint of sweetness without an overload of a high sugar taste. These would be perfect on a hot summer day or simply enjoying with a group of friends.

So while I still do not recommend drinking alcohol as a health building practice, when you do chose to indulge, at least do this with a product and company that offers you a high end, organic and natural product. Vite Frute Cocktails from Veev is that company.

I also want to share that the best time to indulge is after you have consumed a healthy meal. After all, alcohol is absorbed right through the stomach lining, so and empty stomach and alcohol is not a good mix.

Enjoy your indulgence!