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Do you have a friend engaged in Vibrational Healing but shrug this off because you do not have a clue what they are talking about? Have you thought to yourself; I am not sure if this is in alignment with my religious beliefs? Or would you simply like to understand the concept of Vibrational Healing a bit further?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then please read on.

We hear the words Vibrational Healing quite a bit these days but most do not understand truly what these words represent. Often this is tied into some type of mental/emotional clearing or energy techniques and while this is true; it is not a complete representation. The reality is, EVERY healing technique is Vibrational Healing.

Based on the work of Dr. William A. Tiller, the most reasonable representation of all living organisms is listed in this way.

Function interacts with structure, which interacts with chemistry. Chemistry interacts with electromagnetic energy fields which also has an interaction with subtle energy fields.

This was presented in Dr. Richard Gerber’s book, “Vibrational Medicine”.

The way I explain this is the interaction of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual or vibrational body.

When you look at this equation it is easy to understand that anything you do in your daily life, it tied into Vibrational Energy. Here is a short list of what affects your Vibrational Healing.

• The air you breathe
• The water you drink
• The foods you eat
• Your sleep patterns
• Your movement
• Your exposure to the sun
• Your emotions
• Your thoughts
• Your beliefs

These are the fundamental values that I assist my clients in balancing. This list could go on but you get the picture by now.

As mentioned previously, Vibrational Healing is often thought of as being attached to the mental, emotional, and beliefs; but this is only because a nutritionist, as an example, simply does not refer to themselves as Vibrational Healing Consultants. They call themselves nutritionists or dieticians.

I teach my clients the understanding that Vibrational Energy is the foundation of everything else is our life. It is not my job to tell anyone what to categorize or call this energy. I have heard it categorized as vibrational, spiritual, or a movement of light as some examples. I have also heard it called many names such as chi, qi, prana, vital force, life force, God, Buddha, Allah, Jesus Christ, Mother Nature, the universe and the list goes on. It is a very personal decision what everyone wants to categorize or call this energy but it is important for me to share that I feel to be in your best of health regardless of what you categorize or call this energy; it needs to be moving through you in every moment.

Most often, Vibrational Healing has a focus on the emotions, thoughts and beliefs for a very important reason. This is due to the fact that when you can shift to a different state of balance on this level, usually the rest of the choices in your life will follow. As an example: Someone that is living in a state of suppressed anger will generally have a life that is reflecting this state. They will typically be under quite a bit of stress which will inhibit their breathing, restrict their hydration, affect their nutritional choices, challenge their sleep cycles, and restrict movement in many ways. All of these choices, which may surface due to the suppressed anger, will more than likely lead to a chronic dis-ease state. When you can assist in shifting within this underlying belief, thought and/or emotion of suppressed anger, you will generally see every other choice in their life also shift. Due to this your body can once again reach a state of ease.

Please feel free to post any questions or comments on this subject.