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by Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopath I am sure that most of you read the article in early January called “The Holiday Eating Experiment.” It was a very popular article and I received a incredible response from our readers. If you happened to miss that article, you can review it here. For those that read this and enjoy watching me gain weight so much weight in such a short period of time, while also suffering with pain, headaches, poor sleep and more. When I mention the word “enjoy” I am not saying that you enjoyed my suffering but rather that you enjoyed witnessing the results of “eating in moderation.” If you can recall, the experiment went from Thanksgiving thru January 2nd. Remember that I went from 198 pounds on Thanksgiving to 220 pounds on January 2nd. From January 3rd thru January 27th all I did was get back into my normal eating routine. Still gluten free, as I was through the experiment also, but I also went back to reducing the foods below.
  • Sugar
  • Dairy
  • Grains
Just from cutting back on these food choices my weight went from 220 to 213 in just over 3 weeks. Isn’t it amazing that any of us can gain so much so quickly by eating foods that we could have sensitivities to. And also as amazing is the fact that eliminating these foods can have just as significant of an impact. Notice that I mentioned eating food that we are sensitive to. Dairy and grains are not bad for everyone and sugar in low amounts is not a significant challenge for most. But ANY food that we are sensitive to can lead to:
  • Inflammation
  • Weight gain or an unhealthy weight loss
  • Gut issues
  • Pain
  • Poor mental clarity
  • Adrenal fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Mood swings
  • And so much more…
This is why it is so important to understand if you are sensitive to any particular food. Let me tell you a secret though… Eight-six percent of people that are living with food sensitivity are actually asymptomatic, meaning that you do not eat the food and feel poorly. That is one of the biggest misconceptions. Most think that if they had a sensitivity to something they ate, that some symptom would be felt. Maybe a stomach ache, bloating or distention or some gastrointestinal distress. That simply is not the case for most. So if you are wondering why you might be dealing with weight gain, pain, poor sleep and/or headaches, it could be due to a food sensitivity that you are simply not aware of. So the old saying “what you don’t know, won’t hurt you” is simply not true. What we don’t know, could actually be killing us or minimally leading to significant health issues. Can you imagine where my health would have been if my 5 week experiment would have lasted for 12 months? It would not have been pretty for sure. If you’re looking for a way to test for food sensitivity I would recommend the Immunolabs Bloodprint154. This will assess an IgG response to 154 of the most common food choices that most will make in our culture. Not only is this a very comprehensive test for food sensitivity, this test provides even deeper information on what to do with this information. They include food rotation diets based on your allowable food choices and recommendation on duration of elimination and how to properly reintroduce for increased awareness of reactionary states. The added bonus with Immunolabs is the fact that they also have a chef on staff that you can call for ideas for your suggested meal plan. That is completely invaluable! More information on the Immunolabs Bloodprint154. I also wanted to provide an even further update on my progress. As many of you know, we started our “More Than Just Weight Loss” program with a group of people throughout the country. Every year that I lead this program, I participate in the program and this year had a heightened importance to me after The Holiday Eating Experiment. This program officially started with a webinar on Tuesday 1/26 but the true nutritional and supplemental recommendations started on Wednesday 1/27. The good news is that from Wednesday 1/27 thru the morning on Saturday 1/30, I lost and additional 8 pounds. Eight pounds in 3 days! You better believe it! My personal trainer asked me weight loss that quick was healthy and I explained that it absolutely is, as long as this is done in a healthy way. Let me explain. During the “More Than Just Weight Loss” program, everyone receives and allowable/avoidance food list. You can eat any form of protein; including beef, chicken, turkey, pork, wild game and seafood. You can also eat almost any vegetable as well as some fruit sparingly. All this along with the allowable fat which is any derivative of avocado, olive and coconut. The avoidance foods are basically the more recognized foods that can easily create inflammation in the body. Another interesting fact, as well as a significant impact on maintaining optimal health through this weight loss is that the participants are encouraged to eat as often as they desire and we do not want any level of food restriction. So you can see that nobody is restricting nutrition for a quantity perspective and all participants are encouraged to eat protein, vegetables and fat at every meal. Another significant impact on this program is the anti-inflammatory supplements that are used to support your body’s natural anti-inflammatory response as well as the feedback loops that create even further inflammation. So in the end, the 8 pounds of weight loss in 3 days is mostly reduced inflammation with a small amount of fat loss. But inflammatory loss is so important because it can impact all the areas listed below.
  • Weight loss
  • Inches loss
  • Reduction of pain
  • Improved sleep
  • Reduced symptoms
It always cracks me up when people say “Oh, that’s just water weight.” No kidding, inflammation is a fluid, so you can call it water weight if you’d like. But this is not weight loss by restricting water intake and jumping in a sauna for hours in a day. Those are old tricks by boxers or wrestlers to make weight for tournaments or fights. This is not at all the experience we are discussing when I mention losing inflammatory weight. I’ll keep you updated on the progress here of the post holiday eating experiment. My goal is to get down to 185 pounds by March 9th, which is a total of 28.6 pounds during the six week program and a total loss of 35 pounds since the completion of the holiday eating experiment on January 2nd. All while never being hungry or starving myself. You’ve got to love it! If you have any comments or questions regarding this article please post this on our Facebook page or on our Twitter page for us to address personally. Contact Depke Wellness directly here.