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The human metabolism can be a remarkable calorie-burning machine. Up until now, most haven’t really understood how it works… … or how to FULLY harness its incredible calorie-burning potential. But a little-known study in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolic Care has shed some light: Turns out just a tiny part of your metabolism holds the key to staying lean, feeling good and living long:
  • It’s just 5.4% of your body, but burns 56.8% of daily calories
  • It’s so powerful it burns 331% more daily calories than muscle…
  • And it burns 983% more calories per second than any other part of your body.
It’s called metabolically active tissue, or M.A.T. for short. Scientists have discovered that harnessing the FULL power of M.A.T. as you age is necessary to keep your weight from expanding and your health from declining. The problem is, this M.A.T. calorie-burning machine is lying dormant in most of us. If you’re often tired, put on weight easily (or struggle to lose it) and have less drive and motivation than you once did… you’re M.A.T. is probably stuck in second gear. It’s burning only a fraction of the calories it should, allowing layers of dangerous fat to pile up. Worse, since, M.A.T. is also what rejuvenates and repairs your cells to keep you young… …without it fully-activated, you age faster, skin deteriorates, muscle evaporates and you feel terrible. Plus, you’re at much higher risk for developing Alzheimer’s, diabetes or having a heart attack. But researchers have recently discovered how to fully-activate your calorie-burning M.A.T.:
  • This helps trim off extra weight and put the brakes on aging…
  • It sends a flood of energy to your brain, heart, liver and kidneys…
  • And it keeps you happy, focused, energetic and feeling fantastic.
It even fuels your adrenal and thyroid glands, keeping your metabolism operating on high. Plus, because M.A.T’s fuel of choice is your own body fat, it helps re-sculpt your body and stay lean. Want to learn how to activate your own calorie-burning M.A.T.? Here’s what you do: ==> How to activate your M.A.T. to burn more fat calories daily… PS – Interestingly, the same factor that fully-activates your calorie-burning M.A.T., has also been shown in studies to enhance the connection between brain cells, reduce wrinkling and facial aging, and control hunger and cravings. Here’s how it works and how to activate it yourself now…