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by Glen Depke

I have clients come to me for a wide array of health challenges. Some have been diagnosed with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, auto-immune disorders, hormone imbalance, menopause, PMS, fibromyalgia, chronic stress or they may simply want to lose some weight. While everyone seems to come in thinking that their problems are their symptoms, I always share that their diagnosed disease state or symptoms are not their problem. The symptoms are simply the bodies way of helping your understand the deeper core imbalances that need to be addressed.

I understand how difficult it is to look away from your symptoms or diagnosed disease state but it is of utmost importance to get back to the core, to understand where this all went wrong in the first place. You have all heard me talk often enough about your fundamentals of health, but when we are faced with symptoms and diagnosed disease states, this is always the place to start. For those that are new to Depke Wellness, your fundamentals of health are; deep breathing, water consumption, eating the correct food, sleep, movement and exposure to the sun. These fundamentals are then supported by maintaining balanced emotional states and reducing your perception of stress and the stress response. If you would like to look at these deeper, feel free to visit the posts at from January of this year or visit and click on the Fundamentals of Health link.

Recognize that there are three common challenges tied into your diagnosed disease state or symptoms after the fundamentals. These common challenges are the adrenal glands, your gastro-intestinal health and your ability to detoxify.

If there is a challenge or lack of balance in your fundamentals this will typically create physical, mental and emotional stress to the body. This stress will create imbalances with the adrenal glands. These are two tiny little glands that respond to physical, mental and emotional stress in the body. The challenge though is that the job of the adrenals goes so much deeper than the stress response. The adrenals also play a significant role in many other functions of your body; thyroid, pancreas, ovaries, metabolism of fat and protein, regulation of body weight, detoxification, immune function, inflammatory states, cellular energy, blood sugar balance, muscular skeletal health, quality of sleep and mood, your ability to memorize and learn, and your overall neural connectivity. It is amazing the amount of challenges created when the adrenal glands are imbalanced due to our lack of focus on the fundamentals of health. I will share that almost every health challenged individual I have seen has had some level of adrenal insufficiency that needs to be balanced in order to turn around and walk away from your symptoms. If you are not looking at the adrenals and your fundamentals of health, you are missing the boat.

If the adrenals have been challenge for some time, this often leads to gastro intestinal challenges. Understand that about 80% of your immune system function originates in the GI. When this function is challenged it leaves you open and suspect to a whole host of GI challenges; such as parasites, protozoa, amoeba and many other infections. Once these “critters”, as I call them, have the ability to make their home in your GI this can lead to many other functional challenges in your body. This may simply be the inability to absorb and assimilate your nutrients properly or immune system dysfunction. Over time, this can begin to systematically shut down proper function and lead to almost any disease state.

When the fundamentals, adrenals and GI have been challenged over time, the next area that suffers is your body’s ability to detoxify properly. To begin with let’s understand that we are talking about your liver, colon, kidneys, lymphatic system, skin and lungs. These systems of detoxification and some also elimination are designed for metabolic waste and general die off within the body. They are not designed for the toxins in the air we breathe, in the food we eat, on our cloths, in the products we put on our skin and so on. Due to this fact, as well as the added stress on these systems due to imbalanced fundamentals of health, adrenal insufficiency, and GI distress, our bodies cannot release toxins as needed. This alone can create a whole host of symptoms and diseased states for us.

So please, the next time you think your problems are your symptoms or your diagnosed diseased states, look at the core to find the true challenges. When you create balance on these levels, you may be amazed at the success you can create. If you want to call these miracles, I can share that I see miracles happen on a regular basis with my clients. This too, can be you!

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