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The first step to true healing is to understand that we all make choices and the choices we make are made out of some level of falseness. So what do I mean by falseness?

Nobody knows absolutely everything about anything so we all have some level of potential non-truth. Let me give you an example.

Let’s say that an individual has a low level of understanding in regard to nutrition, and they are eating the standard American diet of fast food. This choice would be due to the fact that this person may only understand about 5% of nutritional truth. If they educated themselves further to the point of 20% of nutritional truth, they may still eat fast food but they may skip the fries and get a diet soda. If they increase their nutritional knowledge to 35% truth, they may realize that the diet soda is actually worse than the regular and switch to water. So even if you hold 95% truth in regard to nutrition, there is still a 5% chance that you are off on some level.

So step one is simply recognition that you make choices and there is a possibility that these choices may be creating ease or challenges.

Step two to come tomorrow.