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Take a look at some recent results as posted by Dr Chi at Chi Enterprise. The results and

study speaks for themselves.

  • A 67-year-old woman from California was diagnosed with Coronary Heart Disease and ischemia. Both have worsened over the years. Then she started taking OxyPower. An angiogram two years later found that her arteries are clear.
  • J. G. a 64-year-old female from California, has congestive heart failure. Her heart ejection fraction at the time was 20. She had difficulty breathing. Her doctor has recommended a pacemaker at that point but she held off. Then she took OxyPower and Vein Lite for 6 months. Her ejection fraction gradually increased from 20 up to almost 40. She will not need a pacemaker. Now she can breathe easier, has no dizziness, and has more energy.
  • D.F., a male in his 40s from California has leg pain. After taking OxyPower, Vein Lite and Myosteo for 7 days, his leg pain reduced from a scale of 10 (worst pain) to a 5.
  • A.G., a 50-year-old female from New York has calf pain. After only 3 days on OxyPower, her calf pain was relieved.


The cardiovascular case reports above all show that OxyPower is a must for cardiovascular conditions along with Vein Lite. Previous studies have already shown that OxyPower has a protective and reparative effect on vascular endothelial cells (VECs). Now a new in vivo study shows that OxyPower effectively lowers C-Reactive Protein.


C-Reactive Protein (CRP) is a protein produced when inflammation occurs. Many studies have revealed that CRP does not only predict a high risk for many cardiovascular conditions, such as hypertension, heart attack, stroke and atherosclerosis (hardenig of the arteries) but also accelerates the progress of these cardiovascular events. Reducing CRP can therefore prevent high blood pressure, stabilize atherosclerotic plaques and prevent vascular (blood vessel) injuries.


In the new in vivo study, OxyPower effectively lowered CRP and reduced associated conditions. When CRP was introduced into rats, blood pressure increased, the left heart ventricle became thicker and involuntary muscle became inflamed. After 7 days of OxyPower administration, CRP was significantly reduced at 12.9 mg/dL, which is actually lower than the negative control.



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