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by Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopath

Hey, it’s Glen Depke from Depke Wellness and today I want to talk about something that isn’t a common subject, but it’s a significant challenge for a lot of men. And while often you hear me talking about the stress hormone system, and things like estrogen dominance, and menopause, I rarely talk about a big issue for most men, and I get this, because at 54 years old I’m really in that same place where the body is basically changing what it does hormonally to maintain balance.

And really what I’m talking about here is what is known as andropause, or sometimes it’s referred to as male menopause, or man-o-pause. And regardless of what you want to call it, or regard this to, it’s tied into some very common symptoms that as a man you may be dealing with yourself right now, or if you are the significant other of a man that you might recognize these symptoms as well.

So perhaps you’re actually dealing with a little bit of a lack of sex drive, low libido. Maybe you’re having a difficult time being confident from an intimacy and a sexual performance perspective. You’re also recognizing that you’re dealing with low energy, poor motivation, maybe feeling a little bit depressed or irritable, or some mood swings. Perhaps you’ve noticed a lack of strength, or a lack of muscle mass. Maybe you’re seeing an increase in body fat, especially around the midsection or with your area of your chest. And believe it or not, you could be dealing with hot flashes.

And men, when you reach that age somewhere around like 45 to 55 (maybe sooner), you might notice these symptoms and the challenge is that you’re not producing testosterone from the testes as you did when we were 25 years old, and there ends up being other significant hormone imbalances that are effecting you and leading to these symptoms. And not only leaving you potentially miserable and unhappy, but probably your “significant other” as well.

So I wanted to discuss something that could not only help with everything that we’re talking about, but potentially help with your brain function, help with your mental clarity, ability to memorize and learn, to naturally help with increasing what’s known as free testosterone, to help build that confidence with intimacy and sexual performance and pleasure, to aid in your athletic performance, and actually building muscle mass in your body, and to really get you in a better mental and emotional state as well, and increasing your drive and motivation.

And that’s why I wanted to share with you the Depke Wellness Stayin’ Young for Men. Because this is a combination of herbal ingredients that have the effect to assist your body in moving away from the challenge states, the low sex drive, the lack of confidence sexually and intimately, the low energy, the depression, the lack of motivation, irritability and mood swings, the loss of strength and muscle mass, the increased body fat, and potentially even hot flashes, into that more accelerated and optimal brain function. To get that confidence back from an intimate and a sexual performance perspective, to regain your motivation, to be able to build that muscle mass again, and to really reach what it is you’re looking for, as a man, on a regular daily basis.

And if you’re a woman watching this, knowing that you’re noticing these symptoms for your man, Stayin’ Young for Men provides the balance, and the hope needed to assist your man’s body in reaching these goals.

So get your Staying Young For Men, and make the difference in your life today!

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