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by Glen Depke

The majority of our readers already understand that vaccines contain either mercury or aluminum and we know that these elements are toxic to our body and specifically the brain. Most also understand that vaccines are questionably efficient. While there is documentation to show a decrease in specific diseases post vaccination era, it is also documented that the same decrease occurred in areas of the world where vaccination was not in use.

The flu vaccines are a whole other bag of worms. It is well documented that the vaccines for flu derived by simply “guessing” what the upcoming flu strain will be and honestly, they are typically wrong.

On top of this, it is also well documented that many of the newer vaccines are actually creating chronic health issues and some are not creating a clear affect on protecting your body from the particular disease state.

Regardless of which side of the fence you are on in regard to vaccinations, there are arguments on both sides.

With that said, I do not want you to assume what side I am on so I will spell it out for you.

“I do not recommend vaccines”

Nothing said so far is shocking or a surprise to you but my thoughts to follow likely are.

So if vaccines have potential heavy metal toxins that create issues in the brain as well as other less than optimal factors, why doesn’t everyone that gets a vaccine have similar issues. Why is it that one child that is vaccinated develops a skin eruption and food intolerance, another is later diagnosed with developmental delay or even autism, while another seemingly has zero symptoms from vaccines?

After all, there are toxic metals in the vaccines that are used for everyone.

The reason for these differences is due to the health of the barrier systems of one person to another.

So what is a barrier system?

The barrier system is the protective system designed to protect your body. You have 3 significant barrier systems in your body, one in the gut, another in the lungs and the last is your blood/brain barrier.

The last mentioned, the blood/brain barrier is my main focus here.

Let’s look at the blood/brain barrier and vaccines.

When your body takes in a toxin, as would occur during vaccination, your body has a goal of moving this toxin out of your body. If you have a toxin in the tissue of your body that has been stored, this toxin will move from the tissue, to the lymph and eventually be removed via the kidney/bladder, liver/colon, skin and/or lungs. If you recently had a vaccine and the toxin is in your blood, optimally this will be moved directly to these areas for a health release.

Now comes the challenge though.

If your blood/brain barrier function is compromised, the toxins that are moved from the tissue to the lymph and eventually into the blood, or the toxins that are directly in your blood due to vaccinations problems will occur. This is due to the fact that when your blood/brain barrier function is compromised the toxins that should be moved “out of your body” actually pass through the blood/brain barrier and get into the brain. This creates a toxic affect in your brain, leads to potential whole body dysfunction and a host of detoxification symptoms. For some this can be the causative factor for developmental delay, autistic symptoms, pain and so much more.

So the key here is to support all the barrier systems. 

While I already made it known that I do not support vaccinations, if you chose this route for yourself or your children, be sure this is done with healthy barrier systems.

One easy was to test this is with the use what is referred to as the GABA challenge. GABA is a neurotransmitter that structurally is to large of a molecule in a supplement form to pass through a health blood/brain barrier. So if you take GABA, you should honestly feel nothing. I recommend to adult clients to take 1000mgs of GABA on an empty stomach and wait for about 15 minutes to and hour to assess symptoms. Some feel nothing, some feel sedated on some level, while other feel an excited type of affect. If you feel nothing, the blood/brain barrier is healthy. If you feel sedated, the blood/brain barrier is compromised and your are deficient in GABA. If you feel excited or stimulated, you have an adequate amount of GABA in your system but your blood/brain barrier is compromised. I would recommend half the dose for children ages 5 thru 16.

If you recognize a compromised blood/brain barrier it is also likely that the gut and lung barriers are also compromised. There are ways to support these barrier systems if challenged.

So if you were already vaccinated and have symptoms challenges due to these vaccinations, you have to look at the barrier systems and clear the toxins out of the brain. If you decide to vaccinate, be sure this is done with healthy barrier systems.

Don’t roll the dice with yourself or your loved ones!

If you have any comments or questions in regard to this article, please leave them below for me to answer personally.