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by Glen Depke

The 30 day leaky gut/immune boosting protocol is now complete and I wanted to share what transpired over the last 30 days and more importantly, what are my results.

Since your eyes will gravitate toward the pictures on this page, I will share that one of the results of the last 30 days was a 20 pound weight loss. You can see by the before and after pictures (yes, this is me) that I had was in need of some weight loss. The interesting fact though, is that I had zero restriction on the quantity of food I ate during this time. To be honest with you, I felt that I actually ate more than I would typically and still lost 20 pounds.

The 20 pound weight loss is the bonus though. I will share the highlight of hitting a new level of health that I did not even know existed. I am averaging at least one hour less of sleep per night. When I wake up I almost feel a buzz within me and I cannot wait to get out of bed in the morning. My energy is high all day and I had zero need for anything to stimulate energy through my day. Really, what can I say, this is amazing!

So what did I do over the last 30 days?

It starts with the meal plan and goes from there. The meal plan itself is restricted to flesh proteins, all vegetables except night shades, some fruit and fat sources of any form of coconut, olives or avocados. I thought this would be a bit difficult at first but I quickly found many new food choices that kept me more than satisfied. For my clients that are following this protocol, I am supplying a meal chart and seven days worth of meal ideas as well as some recipes to make the nutritional aspect much easier.

I want you to understand that you will eliminate ALL potentially inflammatory foods from you diet for these thirty days. No caffeine, alcohol, sugar, grains, rice, nuts, most seeds, night shades, eggs, dairy, and soy. I know what you may be thinking, “I can’t eliminate all these.” I had the same thought, but as mentioned above, you will recognize new food choices that are more than satisfying. My wife came up with and awesome coffee replacement, a client of mine came up with a custard replacement and I modified my wife’s coffee replacement and made an awesome shake out of it. Very exciting!

From the supplement aspect for leaky gut I was taking L-glutamine, deglycerhizinated licorice root and aloe extract, along with GI Synergy which is an anti parasitic, anti yeast and anti fungal combination. To support the leaky gut supplements mentioned above I followed an immune boosting protocol that included two supplements called Nitric Balance and Glutathione Recycler.

I was also exercising but this was minimal. I have been running in 10 minute intervals three or four times per week. I have been doing some anaerobic exercises for 10 minutes three times per week and trained once per week for 45 minutes. My schedule does not allow for a significant amount of exercise so I had to find what works in small time frames. This can work for almost anyone.

So now that I am at the end of 30 days, what do I do? Well, I am adding in the restricted foods one at a time while maintaining an awareness of what does and does not work for me. If I add a food that creates some negative results for me, I will either eliminate this from my nutritional choices or I will only eat this on rare occasions.

Since I am human and may at times make a choice that is not best for me. If this does happen and I make the choice to consume anything that could potentially be a mechanism for leaky gut I will take the combo of L-glutamine, deglycerhizinated licorice root and aloe extract for three days to be sure to keep my gut healthy.

Understand that with as good as I feel right now, I do not EVER want to loose this feeling.

Another important distinction to make is that I am no better or worse than you. This is simply a choice that anyone of us can make and you can also enjoy a level of health that you may have not known exists. This feels so incredibly awesome that I want to share this with the world.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post this below for me to address personally.

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