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by Glen Depke

If you pay attention to most conventional doctors and mainstream thoughts on medicine, than yes, cholesterol is killing you. If you pay attention to the basic needs of the body, you will learn that cholesterol is always exactly as it should be.

I know what we have been told; if your total cholesterol is above 200 you need to get this down. If you cannot get it down on your own, you will need to take some form of stating to reduce your cholesterol.

Let’s first understand some of the basics about cholesterol. Most important is to get that cholesterol is produced in the body by the liver based on a determination of need by the body. When anyone tells us that our cholesterol is too high, they are telling us that the body does not know what to do. I don’t know about you but I know my body is smarter than my “taught” intelligence and the intelligence of any other human being. If we are doing something to artificially lower this we are potentially creating many other challenges in the body.

So what factors are substantial in regard to our liver producing cholesterol? Just a short list of some of the necessary roles of cholesterol is listed below:

• Cholesterol is a part of EVERY cell membrane in your body
• Cholesterol is a part of EVERY myelin sheath within your nervous system
• Cholesterol is one of the core components to producing hormones to maintain balanced health and wellness
• Cholesterol is very important in the conversion of sunlight into Vitamin D in your body
• Cholesterol also plays a role in manufacturing Vitamin A, E and K
• Cholesterol is a significant aspect of producing bile acids
• Protects against infectious disease

This short list shows the importance of proper cholesterol production to create health and wellness. Now if your cholesterol levels are being lower artificially, the question to ask yourself is, which of these many processes in my body are not happening and what is this costing me? The other question is what is potentially happening to your body if you are taking statins? Today millions of people all over the world are taking medicine that may create muscle weakness, bad memory, bad temper, impotency and painful legs, just to name a few of the potential side effects.

So what’s a person to do it they have high cholesterol? First of all, don’t put your main focus on the total cholesterol. The most significant factor is looking at the ratio of HDL and LDL. Notice I do not call them “good” or “bad” cholesterol because they are both necessary for health and wellness. It is preferred to find your HDL above 55 and your LDL not more than double your HDL. So let me give you an example of one of my clients. This man is a regular participant in triathlons so you can imagine the regular stress that is put on his body. He had a total cholesterol in the 270s which would have normally had him on statins immediately. When we looked at the HDL and LDL separate this told us a different story. His HDL was 95 and his LDL was about 165. This with his VLDL gave him the total in the 270s. Why were all these numbers so high? As I mentioned, his body is under a lot of stress and his liver manufactures this amount in order to keep balance. I not only suggested that his cholesterol was fine but I mentioned that due to the ratio, he had room for it to increase.

Obviously everyone reading this article is not a triathlete but I would guess that many reading this are also under a lot of physically and mental/emotional stress. If your cholesterol is high, it would make sense to me. A healthy liver will produce more cholesterol when you are in a healing crisis with the eventual goal of balance in the body. When the healing crisis is complete the cholesterol will lower on its own. I see it all the time.

So if your cholesterol is high, your HDL is low or your ratio is out of balance, it is time to look at what’s challenged in your body. Make some new choices and changes in your life, let your body complete the healing crisis and watch the cholesterol go down. To learn more about the overall changes needed to shift to health, visit Depke Wellness and click through the links provided for free health information to begin your journey to health and wellness.

Please feel free to post below with any questions or comments you may have to this article. This is a subject for an entire book but I wanted to expose some of the very basic understands for you.