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by Glen Depke

Doing nothing…REALLY! It is important to understand that what you did in the past is what got you here. If you are doing nothing, this simply means that you are continuing the exact path you are on. Is this really what you want?

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When I am working with my clients, I often explain that the past does not dictate your future. It is your current choices that dictate your future. The problem is that most with health challenges continue to choose based on the past. Therefore we continue to reproduce the past, which is exactly what we are trying to change. Ouch, did I just say that. Are we really repeating the very experiences we are trying to run from? Absolutely, but you are not alone. This is one of the common challenges that most of us live with.

Here is a simple tool to begin right now. If you are doing something that has led to your health challenge or you believe that it is contributing to your challenges, chose something different. Anything! It just needs to be different. Understanding again that what you are doing is one of the reasons you are in your current predicament; so if you chose something different, you give yourself and opportunity to find something that works, or something to cross off your list that does not work. At least it is movement in a positive direction for you to be one step closer to healing.

To understand this a bit deeper, it is important to “get” that you are perfect. Often this is disturbing for those with challenges to hear. “What do you mean, I am perfect?” is what I often hear. “Do you think these symptoms I am suffering with are perfect?” is another.

Let’s look at my definition of perfect, which will be very different from the definition that most of you grew up with. Perfect to me is the recognition that as you are right now in this moment is a perfect reflection of life choices and circumstances of the past. So with this, as you sit here and read this, you are perfect.

Once you recognize the perfection it is important to accept it. By this, I do not mean that you want to continue this. This is a simple recognition of what is and this will be your starting point.

From this point, it is important to take responsibility for your choices in the past that may have left you with your current health challenges. Once we accept responsibility, we can see that if we made choices to be here, we can darn well make choices to improve on so many levels. Recognize that they need to be new choices though. Recycling the old choices keeps us in the same predicaments.

So as you sit in your perfection right now; assess if you like this, accept the situation, take responsibility and decide if you would like this perfection to continue. If you do not like your current perfection, it is very simple. Make new choices!

The old model and definition of perfection is judgment based and leads to individuals being “stuck” and playing the roles of victim and blame. This is due to a lack of responsibility and choice. My question so often to my clients is, “how’s that been working for you?”

Make a choice. Move forward. Create change in your life. Do this because you can, because nobody else will do it for you. Doing nothing is never the option.

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