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by Glen Depke

The picture to the right sums up the way we typically look at disease but let’s define this.

Disease: any deviation from or interruption of the normal structure or function of any body part, organ, or system that is manifested by a characteristic set of symptoms and signs and whose etiology, pathology, and prognosis may be known or unknown.

Ease: freedom from pain, worry, or agitation.

Now that we have these defined, ask yourself this question. Why would you choose dis-ease over ease in our life? You may even be thinking to yourself right now, I don’t choose dis-ease. 

Well, you may be surprised… 

As you can see by the definition of dis-ease, this is obviously holistic. There is not one ounce of your being whether physically, mentally/emotionally, chemically, vibrationally, or spiritually that the choice of ease or dis-ease is not relevant.

The challenge though is that we often think of dis-ease as something we catch that we are a victim of. This is fine if you believe in the Pasteur germ theory but personally, I do not. If this was true, this would mean that everyone that is exposed to any type of pathogen would be affected in the same way and that cannot be further than the truth.

At the same time Pasteur was proposing the germ theory, Bechamp was proposing that germs definitely are the result, not the cause of disease. Germs cleanse the human system and free it from accumulations of pathogenic and mucoid matter. Recognizing that we are constantly breathing in some 14,000 germs and bacteria per hour. If germs are so harmful, why aren’t we all dead? Bechamp recognized that it is the health of the organism (you and me) that is the issue and not the germs.

How about that for a thought, dis-ease or ease is up to the organism and not the germ? 

So what plays into this choice? How about everything? Yes, everything!

There is not a moment of any day that we are not making choices that will either create ease or dis-ease. Often we choose dis-ease but it is hidden as a choice to quick fix some symptom. We’ve all done it. Had a long hard day at work, feeling mentally and physically exhausted, only to reach for a caffeinated coffee for the drive home, followed by a glass of wine before dinner and a night on the couch. Heck, I’ve done it myself. The problem though, is that this is leading to dis-ease.

In that moment though, a big glass of water, a short workout, healthy dinner and a relaxing evening with your significant other would likely lead to the ease you are looking for. 

Another way to look at ease or dis-ease is how we react to emotionally charged situations. Do you over react based on your emotions? Do you allow your emotions to dictate your day? Do you create stories in your mind that fuel further emotional challenges? These are examples of dis-ease.

Now to create ease, you can breathe into your emotions, use them as tools for understanding and create action plans to shift your situations all while remaining at ease. Remember to look at the facts of a situation and react accordingly rather than just to emotional expression you are experiencing . You too can create ease emotionally!

What about the dreaded germs though? 

Let’s first look at these facts:

  • About 80% of your immune system originates in your gut
  • Your gut and brain are intimately connected
  • As your brain goes, so goes your immune function
  • Your adrenals play a direct role in two levels of immune function
  • Chronic inflammation leads to and autoimmune reaction

So our choices on these levels determines your immune systems ability to react to an exposure to any germ or pathogen on any level. 

The questions are:

  • Do you actively choose a healthy gut?
  • Do you choose activities and nutrition that have a positive influence on your brain?
  • Do you take the necessary steps to maintain health adrenal function?
  • Is inflammation out of control in your body?

Well, if you do not choose to take care of these areas of your body and your life holistically, you are actually choosing dis-ease. To be honest, there are many times through the year that I personally choose dis-ease. I’ll know that I am making a less than optimal choice, but I also know that I am going to make choices that will create ease more often than dis-ease and I personally choose a very healing 6 week protocol at the onset of every new year to reset my body back to a space of optimal health. All choices of course!

If you want to learn about the 6 week program that I choose on a yearly basis, follow this link

I also want to be clear that since choice is involved, it is completely up to you. If you make regular daily choices of ease or dis-ease, it will show up in your health accordingly. As you can see by what I shared about myself personally in the paragraph above, I do not expect myself or anyone else to be perfect, but I do expect those that have goals of optimal health to choose ease more often than dis-ease and I would also expect you to find your reset point at least once per year. Understand where your most significant challenges lie and address these accordingly. 

It truly is not difficult to choose ease, it’s just that most of us do not even recognize that it is us that is choosing it.

It’s your choice, make it!