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by Glen Depke

How many of you are familiar with this scenario? 

Near the onset of your work with a natural health practitioner, you complete either a hair or urine analysis to discover that you have heavy metal toxicity. With much concern, your health expert enters into a dissertation on the dangers of heavy metal toxicity, how this is the very reason for your health concerns and insists that you start to detox, detox, detox.

With much excitement, you enter into this detoxification protocol. The challenge though, is that only a short time into this, you feel worse than ever. Headaches, fatigue, aches and pains and so much more. You share this with your health expert, only for them to say, “it’s detoxification symptoms and this is expected.”

Really…you should expect to feel like crap! Don’t “buy” it.

There is an easier way and so much more to understand about detoxification. 

Today we will address the subjects below.

  • How to detox without symptoms
  • When to NOT detox mercury
  • The adrenal tie into detoxification
  • The use of fruits and veggies for detoxification
  • Supplement use for detoxification

First let’s address detoxification without symptoms.

To address this properly, it is important to understand how your body moves through the detoxification process. Toxins are most often stored in the tissue of your body. This could be connective tissue, nervous system tissue of the preferred fat tissue. When toxins are moving out they move from the tissue, into your lymphatic system then to the blood. From the blood the toxins should be removed via the kidneys/bladder, liver/colon, lungs and skin. The problem occurs though when you are attempting to detox when you have a poor blood/brain barrier function. 

Understand that when your blood/brain barrier function is compromised, the toxins that should move from your blood to the kidneys/bladder, liver/colon, lungs and skin take another route. When this barrier function is week, the toxins will actually move into your brain and create a whole host of symptoms. As mentioned above, this may be headaches, fatigue, aches and pains or more.

So understand the when you are experiencing symptoms of detoxification you are likely dealing with a blood/brain barrier issue that needs to be addressed first. I use a simple test with clients in my office that I refer to as the GABA challenge to confirm a strong blood/brain barrier system. This is done by ingesting 1000mgs of GABA on an empty stomach. If you experience either a sedating or stimulating affect, this would tell us that the blood/brain barrier function is weak. If you feel nothing at all then you can feel confident in the integrity of your barrier function. 

*Do not use the GABA challenge if you have to drive or operate any potentially dangerous machinery. This is due to the fact that you may become sedated.

The next subject is when to NOT detoxify mercury.

This is a simple subject. Do NOT detoxify mercury while you have silver amalgam fillings in your mouth. This is due to the fact that you could actually pull mercury from your teeth into your body. I always suggest to my clients to have their silver amalgam fillings properly removed first before we enter into any type of aggressive detoxification protocol. 

The adrenal tie into detoxification. 

There are two simple factors of detoxification that tie into adrenal function. The first is to understand that here at Depke Wellness, we have reviewed over 4,000 adrenal test kits and have seen less that 1/10 of one percent actually come back normal, healthy and balanced. Second is the fact that your adrenal function plays a direct role in all of your systems of detoxification and elimination. If you are attempting to detoxify with poor adrenal function, you will not reach optimal results. Follow this link to test your adrenal function today.

The use of fruit and veggies in detoxification. 

It is very important to understand that the consumption of raw fruits and veggies are detoxifying foods. Very often the use of juicing of raw fruit and vegetables is recommended as a significant part of a detoxification protocol. While I do agree with this, I recommend fresh raw vegetable juice rather than fruit because of the high sugar content of fruit juice. This can actually create an imbalance in your digestive system and actually work against you. I also do not recommend a long term juice fast because this will often push detoxification too fast and lead to detox symptoms. Using your vegetable juicing along with your Nutritional ID meal plan will provide both a detoxifying as well as nutritive meal plan that will allow for optimal release of toxins.

Supplement use for detoxification.

The main supplement that I use in my practice for heavy metal detoxification is a product from Chi Enterprise called Metal Flush. This is a combination of Chinese herbs to enhance the body’s ability to release heavy metals. I will most often recommend this in conjunction with a bath detox to assist release by your body. Click here to learn more about Metal Flush.

Another protocol that I have used often is a combination of a liquid garlic extract along with chlorella. I would use these together for at least 2 months and then add a cilantro extract to assist with pulling metals out of the brain. I do not add the cilantro at the beginning because you want to assist in clearing the tissue and the kidneys first. It is also helpful to add the bath detox with this protocol also.

I have used both of these protocols personally in my journey to escape mercury toxicity with great success.

Another protocol that I have introduced into my clinic is a system know as Detox 360, which is a dietary, supplemental and lifestyle approach to detoxification. If you would like to learn more about this click here for a complimentary webinar on Tuesday March 26th. By registering, you will also receive the replay of this event.

So in the end, make sure you do not “buy” into the thought that detoxification symptoms are normal. Understand that you should not introduce an aggressive mercury detox with silver amalgam fillings still in your mouth. And lastly, recognize the benefit of properly utilized vegetable juicing and supplements for detoxification. 

Don’t forget to register for the complimentary Detox 360 webinar above.

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