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by Glen Depke

While it is important to achieve proper omega 3 balance throughout the year, it is especially prevalent during back to school time. This is due to the fact that maintaining proper levels of these very important essential fatty acids plays a role in mental and emotional function. So the question is, as your children are heading off to school are you putting them in the best mental capacity to be at their best?

Another factor that is assisted in proper omega 3 consumption is tied into proper immune function. As our children are put into the environment where there are large groups of other children in an enclosed area, this leaves them open and susceptible to catching colds, the flu or may other diseases that are common among children. Maintaining proper omega 3s may assist in improving the immune system of your children and I trust that this is a concern of any parent reading this post.

Another factor to understand it that omega 3 fatty acids have been shown to assist in regulating blood sugar. Blood sugar levels out of control with your child could create some challenges with behavior or could lead to a blood sugar “crash”, which is a far from optimal state for learning.

Please understand that this is not only true for our children but for all of us reading this post. The omega 3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA, have been shown to aid in all that is listed below:

• Inflammation
• Cardiovascular health
• Blood sugar regulation
• Normalize cholesterol levels
• Liver function
• Regulate hormones
• Improve immune function
• Anti-aging
• Increase joint comfort
• Improve mental/emotional health
• Increase healthy skin

Personally, I choose to take krill oil for my omega 3 supplementation. This is my choice based on the high level of bio-availability of the DHA and EPA in krill plus that fact that krill oil also has an anti-oxidant property as an added bonus.

While most are only suggesting supplementation we would also like to suggest nutritional recommendations. Consuming wild caught salmon is one of the best nutritional sources as well as consuming grass fed meats. The challenge of course is maintaining quality sources so we will provide you with the sources we prefer in our home to achieve our recommended Omega 3 intake.

In our opinion the best quality salmon as well as other seafood can be ordered from a company called Vital Choice, Wild Seafood and Organics. To learn more about Vital Choice or to order the best wild caught salmon feel free to visit the Preferred Health Partner page at and click on the Vital Choice link.

Our preferred source of grass fed meats with a significantly higher Omega 3 content than conventionally raised meats is Blackwing Quality Meats. To learn more about Blackwing or to order the grass fed meats we prefer in our household visit the same Preferred Health Partner page listed above.

Now you can enjoy the benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids from multiple sources as you further your journey to optimal health and wellness.

If you have any questions or replies to this post, please leave your message to me below and I will personally address this.