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by Glen Depke
Funny that it seems like that at times but did you that this can be close to the truth for so many of us?
Let’s first understand that our brains are in constant development from conception until we are about 18 to 20 years old. During these times our nutrition, stress levels, movement and brain activity play a huge role in this development.  Once we hit the end of this development, the neurons in our brain begin to die off with little to no further development.
So what happens when our neurons begin to die off? Taking a look at this very simply, let’s say that you have three neurons. Neuron number one sends a message to neuron number two and neuron number two sends a message to neuron number three and so on and so on. With this said, what happens when neuron number two dies? Oops! Looks like that communication stops at neuron number two. So what was that communication, what was it directing in the body and to what area?
You probably all recognize the buzz phrase anti-aging. Well in a nutshell what I described in the paragraph above  is simply the body aging based on the aging brain determined by neuron death. Does this help to explain why it seems like we may be functioning with half a brain?
This “half a brain” is tied into poor blood flow to the brain, inflammation in the brain, essential fatty acid deficiencies and toxicity which all accelerate the death of neurons. While this may sound like a grim outcome, there is so much you can do to not only stop this but to reverse it. The key though is to address it now. Don’t wait until you have severe dementia or are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s to do this.
So how do your gauge if you are having any issues right now? Think of the early signs such as fatigue from brain activity such as driving, reading and other brain tasks, depression and/or poor digestion. You can also look at symptoms such as dry mouth, tearing loss, trouble swallowing, and/or constipation. These are all some of the early signs of that your neurons are dying and your brain is aging.
So now you might be thinking, if my neurons are dying and I cannot regenerate these, how do you improve your brain function? Well the simple answer is to feed your brain what it needs, remove what is creating the challenges and enhance your dendrite function.
To understand the role your dendrites play, let’s look at the example above in regard to neuron number one, two and three. Remember that when neuron number two dies, the communication and connection between number one and three stops? Here they come, dendrites to the rescue! If your brain health is taken care of, your dendrites have the ability to reach out like little fingers to continue that connection from number one to number three even if number two dies. Our bodies are so incredibly amazing, as long as we take care of them.
So now, what does it look like to care for your brain function and increase the dendrite function? While it does take some focus, it really is quite simple. First of all, feed your brain! Eat foods such as avocado, olives and flax seed. Those good fats are so important! Add a supplement that contains a high amount of DHA. DHA is the component of omega 3 fatty acids that is truly a deep brain food. I use high ratio DHA supplement for myself and many of my clients to maintain a healthy brain. Don’t forget to move your body. Exercise plays a huge roll in increasing blood flow to the brain as well as many other simulating factors. There are also supplements that can be used to have either an immediate impact or long term impact on increasing this blood flow. I can tell you first hand that the one that creates the immediate increase in blood flow actually makes the whole world look clearer and brighter. Really! Also make sure you use your brain; learn a new language, take up an instrument or play the game we used to as kids. Remember the game with a deck of playing cards called memory?
Follow these tips and you can find that other half of your brain that seems as if it is missing. You and your loved ones will be glad you did.
If you have any questions or comments on this article, feel free to leave a post below and I will be happy to answer it personally. If you are new to Depke Wellness, you can call (949)954-6226 for a complimentary 20 minute phone consult to learn more about our protocols.