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Welcome everyone to an amazing start to 2013! During the next six weeks we will all be on a journey that will have its ups and downs as well as its successes and failures.By us working together as a group, I am confident that the higher percentage, and perhaps all of us, will find significant successes over the next 6 weeks. Not only with weight and inches lost but also a reduction in pain as well as an array of other symptom challenges you may be currently living with.

This blog will play a huge role in our success. 

I will be posting daily as well as answering your questions via this blog thread. As we get going, you will also see that others within the group will be equally as supportive. Do not be shy about sharing recipes that you enjoy and well as challenges you may be dealing with. We are all here as support.

As you have likely heard me mention in the past, I never feel better all year as I do on this program. I hold the space for nothing short of that for you also.

Let the “More Than Just Weight Loss” begin.