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by Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopath

Thank you for the opportunity to share some valuable information with you today.

Do you ever hear yourself reacting to some external noise in regard to your health?

Do you see yourself living into a healthier body and mind or do you see yourself as stuck?

Today I am going to provide you with valuable information on how to get “unstuck” in your health and your life.

I want to share a story about a neighbor of mine from some years ago and we’ll simply call him Bob. Bob was your typical Midwest man. Two kids, wife, dog, nice home in the suburbs and Bob followed the daily grind for decades to provide for his family. He was also always so vibrant, alive and engaging.

Finally the day comes…retirement.

Bob had worked his butt off for decades to reach this point. Now he can relax at home with the family, enjoy watching sports, movies or whatever he wanted. He was able to hang out with his other senior citizen friends.

It was time to enjoy the “golden” years of his life!

Until the day he came home with the diagnosis.

Cause and Effect

You see, so often we let life direct us instead of us directing life.

Most people live at the “effect” of life rather than being the “cause” of life.

Living at cause means that you are directing your life, consciously and subconsciously. (More on this later)

Living at effect means that you are reacting to situations and circumstances in your life rather than directing these.

You may feel as if you are at effect right now yourself?

Or perhaps you are saying to yourself right now, “I am directing my life!”, but is this a conscious direction or subconscious as well?

Most people feel they have a strong conscious focus and direction in their life but do you know what this means?

Subconscious vs. Conscious Mind

Let’s start with the subconscious mind. Under scientific studies, it is now known that your subconscious mind can process at least 2.3 million bits per second of information.

Yes, that’s million!

It is even suggested that some people may be able to subconsciously process up to 11 million bits per second of information.

Now the conscious mind, which is typically your focus, can process approximately 126 bits per second of information.

So in simple terms, when you feel as if you have a conscious direction in your life, this is approximately .006% of your life.

While your subconscious is driving the other 99.004% of your life.

Wow, right!

This is why people will often say to themselves:

  • I’m going to have six pack abs, yet cannot commit to the gym
  • I’m going to lose weight, yet they never do, or they lose it only to gain it back
  • I’m going to quit smoking, but never commit long term

You get the picture.

It’s when you tell yourself you are going to commit to and accomplish something, yet you never keep that commitment.

I’ve been there myself in the past…

This is because you are committing with the .006% of what’s driving your life, which is the conscious mind.

So how do you get the 99.004% of your subconscious mind on board with your commitments?

Understand that your subconscious mind is driven by your past patterns. And to connect with these patterns you must speak the language of the subconscious mind, which is pictures, thoughts and feelings.

So just telling your subconscious mind what to do verbally is simply not going to work.

Thankfully there are many ways to address this subconscious shift.

My wife Dawn and I have been focused on this shift personally for some time now. We consistently look to direct our health, relationship, business, friendships and life in general based on “cause” and not “effect.”

Some years ago, my wife attended a workshop called “Create Your Life” and this changed both of our lives forever!

You can also attend this same event that changed our lives.

Due to my relationship with Transform Destiny, I was able to negotiate a gift for you personally. By clicking here now, you can attend this workshop that would normally sell for $1,150.00 as a gift from Depke Wellness.

This has a strong potential to help you in overcoming any health, or life challenges you may be dealing with right now.

If you live in Southern California this is as easy are registering and blocking out your schedule and for those the live out of the area, this would be well worth the trip for you. And who doesn’t love traveling to Southern California anyway!

Access your subconscious mind and be at “cause” in your life!

Unfortunately Bob was diagnosed with cancer and did not enjoy his “golden” years at all.

I saw Bob come home a broken man and living into the “effect” of his diagnosis. While the doctors gave him some time to survive, the “effect” took him down in just a manner of weeks.

So remember, as mentioned above, access your subconscious mind and be at “cause” in your life!

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